What we're about

Calling all data enthusiasts, recent graduates (in STEM fields), those who do not feel challenged at work and those who believed the world of work should mean something!


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| Using the most up to date techniques, languages, paradigms
| and methods, paired with extremely well decorated data
| science and AI professionals, the Residency aims to
| graduate and place thousands of data professionals across
| Canada.

The purpose is to get people employed in the world of data. Whether that be as data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI specialists, etc... we do this better than College and/or Universities do and definitely better than any career colleges or bootcamps. We have wide variety of business partnerships and help place our Mentees into (minimum) 6-month work terms.

We have broken the school down into several labs (as we are firm believers that practical is the only way to really teach people to be a data professional).

Our curriculum offers units in a multitude of:
- data engineering
- data acquisition paradigms
- data visualization
- problem definition
- presentation skills
- software engineering
- productionization
- portfolio
- machine learning
- deep learning / neural networks
- SQL and NoSQL
- queues and distributed computing
- Python, Keras, Tensorflow, etc...

Background of students:
We will be testing students prior to entry into the course / curriculum to ensure they have a bare minimum of (or equivalent demonstrable experience) 1st year calculus, algebra and statistics as well as (relevant) programming experience. Students will be drawn from mainly STEM programs, though they may be self-taught or college students that are self-learners as well.

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