What we're about

The machine revolution has begun, artificial intelligence platforms are going mainstream — and they can give your business superpowers.

The latest advancements in A.I. are set to transform entire industries, redefine the velocity of business, and rewrite the startup playbook.

In this meetup we’ll discuss tools and strategies for implementing A.I. systems in the context of startup and entrepreneurship.

Note: This is not a statistics class; we will focus on practical applications of A.I. that solve real-world business problems and accelerate business growth.

Who it’s for

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs — whether you’re in startup mode or running an existing business — looking for effective ways to create smart applications, structure for massive scaling, or automate business processes.

“Smart” apps and devices are transforming our world — quickly — so let’s put our heads together and figure out how to capitalize on all these changes.

Why you should attend

The world needs more entrepreneurs. Our world has no shortage of problems that need smart solutions — and entrepreneurs are best equipped to solve those problems.

A.I. can help make creating those solutions easier, faster, and with greater impact.

We'll keep the topics as down-to-earth as possible, using cloud service APIs and other pre-built platforms, whenever possible. So there will be as little coding — and all code in examples will be made available.

Here are some of the topics we’ll dive into:

• Predicting customer behavior

• Recommending high-conversion products

• Delivering ultra-relevant content

• Monitoring brand sentiment

• Proactive customer support

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Meeting structure

Monthly meetings consist of two segments…

• Segment 1 (1st hour) — Food for thought — Exploring how A.I. is changing the world and ways you can best position your business to capitalize on these changes

• Segment 2 (2nd hour) — Actionables — Step-by-step guides for implementing various strategies discussed during the Food for thought segments (open to whatever the group wants to cover)

With the recent advancements in A.I. and the Internet of Things (IoT) digitizing our world, now is the time to smarten up your business.

We look forward to meeting you at our next meetup!

Want to dive into a deep introduction of machine learning? => https://10xnation.com/blog/machine-learning

Want to check out some of our past presentations? => https://mohritz.co/presentations/artificial-intelligence

Ready to get going? Try out our 30 minute starter apps...

• Building Voice-Enabled Products With Amazon Alexa (https://10xnation.com/blog/voice-control-iot-devices-alexa-voice-service)

• Harnessing Visual Data Using Google Cloud (https://10xnation.com/blog/harnessing-visual-data-using-google-cloud)

• Building a Recommendation Engine Using Microsoft Azure (https://10xnation.com/blog/recommendation-engine-microsoft)

• The Future of Business is a Digital Spokesperson — Let’s Build a Preview Using Microsoft’s Bot Framework (https://10xnation.com/blog/how-to-build-a-chatbot-using-microsofts-bot-framework)

• Predicting Personality Traits from Content Using IBM Watson (https://10xnation.com/blog/customer-insights-ibm-watson)

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