What we're about

Smart, connected devices are transforming our world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is here — and it’s about to explode.

The promise of IoT is smart everything.

Anything that can be connected, will be connected is the rule of our future.

The global wearable device market grew over 200% in 2015. Self-driving cars rack up 10,000 more autonomous miles each week. And much more is coming — internet-connected clothing, thinking ovens, intelligent tattoos…you name it.

In this meetup, we’ll discuss the limitless opportunities IoT is opening up for business and society.

Who it’s for

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs — whether you’re in startup mode or running an existing business — looking to build smart devices, open up new new technologies, or explore ways to automate your life.

This stuff is going to transform our world — quickly — so let’s put our heads together and figure out how to capitalize on all these changes.

Why you should attend

The world needs more entrepreneurs. Our world has no shortage of problems that need smart solutions — and entrepreneurs are best equipped to solve those problems.

The IoT provides an massive opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs — not only in creating the devices, but also solving the privacy and security problems those new devices will cause.

Here are some of the topics we’ll dive into:

• Health & activity monitoring

• Wearable technology

• Robotics & artificial intelligence

• “Smart” homes, vehicles, cities, etc.

• Cloud & wireless connectivity

• Implications of the connected lifestyle

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What to see what's happening in Las Vegas? => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vclruAsfORA

And we’ll be using Amazon’s AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and other cloud services for demos.

Meeting structure

Monthly meetings consist of two segments…

• Segment 1 (1st hour) — Food for thought — Exploring how IoT is changing the world and ways you can best position your business to capitalize on these changes

• Segment 2 (2nd hour) — Actionables — Step-by-step guides for implementing various strategies discussed during the Food for thought segments (open to whatever the group wants to cover)

Further driving the IoT revolution, the recent advancements in machine learning serve to bring even more intelligence to our devices and what we learn from the data their sensors collect.

The IoT is only going to grow. And with less than 0.1% of all the devices that can be connected, are connected — the potential and opportunities are tremendous.

We look forward to meeting you at our next meetup!

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