What we're about

Life moves pretty fast these days. And the reality is that our technological world is only getting warmed up.

There are a number of key technologies that are driving this accelerating pace of change — and those technologies are evolving at an exponential rate.

In just 4 short years (2020), it’s predicted that...

• 13% of US households will own domestic robots,

• 30% of new cars will have a self-driving mode,

• We will interact 150+ “smart” devices every day, and

• 3+ billion more people will be connected to the Internet

This new paradigm is also driving the need for a new generation in business thinking — thinking root in an exponential mindset — and giving rise to the Exponential Entrepreneur.

Is your startup/business positioned to ride the wave of these changes — to not only survive, but thrive in this exciting time?

In this meetup, we'll discuss the technologies and business strategies that will define entrepreneurship in the exponential age.

Who it’s for

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs — whether you’re in startup mode or running an existing business — looking for effective ways to do more with less, structure for massive scaling, or maximize agility.

Why you should attend

The world needs more entrepreneurs. Our world has no shortage of problems that need smart solutions — and entrepreneurs are best equipped to solve those problems.

This stuff is going to transform our world — quickly — so let’s put our heads together and figure out how to capitalize on all these changes.

Here are some of the exponential technologies we’ll dive into:

• Artificial intelligence

• Robotics

• Life extension & expansion

• Virtual & augmented reality

• 3D printing

• Quantum computing

And some of the exponential business strategies:

• On-demand staffing

• Autonomous organizational structure

• Impact-driven engagement

• Crowdsourcing

• Crowdfunding

• Algorithm-centered operations

Check out our Twitter feed for more points of discussion: https://twitter.com/Vegas10xMeetup #Vegas10x

Meeting structure

Monthly meetings consist of two segments…

• Segment 1 (1st hour) — Food for thought — Exploring how exponential technologies are changing the world and ways you can best position your business to capitalize on these changes

• Segment 2 (2nd hour) — Actionables — Step-by-step guides for implementing various strategies discussed during the Food for thought segments (open to whatever the group wants to cover)

Looking forward to meeting you at our next get-together!

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