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"Mastermind is a principle in which you can accomplish in one year more than you could have accomplished in a lifetime without it"
- Napoleon Hill

This is the most ruthless mastermind group that you have ever been part of, the group is created for those who have read The 10x Rule book by Grand Cardone, and is based on that book's philosophies. The group is ACTION oriented, not education oriented (moderate education, maximum action), to create REAL financial transformation in a unique way by exploring human potential(see below), this group is only for those who are ready for REAL change, it is not for everyone to join

Who must NOT join the group:

You must not join if success is not on your first priority in life
You must not join if you are too sensitive or easily offended
You must not join if you have already achieved all your goals in life

Who must join the group:

If You want to make REAL change in your financial life
If You want to surround yourself with high performing winners
If You want to win and actually willing to do what it takes
If You are unapologetic about your dreams and desires
If You are looking for like minded people to support and mentor you
If You have tried many times to change, but always slide back to the old useless habits
If You feel that you can do much more in life but something is holding you back

All genders, ages and ethnicities are welcomed. This group is not designed to chat, meditate, make friends or being nice to each other, there are already plenty of groups like that, we are here to take real life action and grow exponentially. Join us if you have what it takes!

What you will get from the 10x club:

Get rid of laziness
Get rid of fears
Will find out 4 things why you are not succeeding the way you want (guaranteed)
Get super strong mentally
Get happier
Get wealthier (or even too wealthy)
End up with the exact steps of what to do to achieve success
Surround yourself with supportive and winning mentality people ( you are who you hangout with )
See the world from completely different angle
Be in the system where success is inevitable
Get quality leads from the group members

I'll not tell you here exactly what is the process of financial transformation, because if you really belong to our group you will have the curiosity, time and courage to come and see for yourself. This is a free group, a small fee may apply to cover water and space expanses.

If you have not read 10x rule by Grand Cardone, read it before you join, so we can be on the same page

I do realize that the description of the group may sound unwelcoming or even unusual, well that is the point, this is not a typical “all talk no action” “success” group, I’m a high tier software engineer I wouldn’t waste time creating something unproductive, it’s all about real results and structures where success becomes inevitable, we all have hidden inner strength to win but its being suppressed by our fears, laziness and luck of knowledge.

This group will NOT be openly available to public forever after gathering certain number of people the group will be closed to the public, so if you are the right person than take action NOW

Thank You

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