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What we’re about

This group is for anyone interested in technology and software development. tretton37 founded this group to create a place where tech enthusiasts, regardless of skill, can hang out and share knowledge in Skåne

We are very passionate about sharing knowledge, it creates value for the community and builds the world of digital products an overall better place.

What you can expect from our Meetup group is a consistent and high-quality knowledge-sharing experience. Our diverse formats of knowledge events will include innovative setups and fun activities within modern polyglot topics such as JavaScript, UX, UI design, .NET, Java, Kotlin, App development, Product design, QA, DevOps, Test automation, Tech war stories, Hackathons and Workshops. We aim to help our community members on becoming better or new expert consultants in digital product design and development.

The events are hosted at the cozy offices of tretton37 in Lund or Helsingborg 🏠 where you can count on us to provide you with soft drinks, beers, coffee and food so you can focus on the thing that really matters, knowledge! Our diverse speakers and event hosts are both international and local, skilled and valued professionals in the community.

The events are presented and hosted in English 🇬🇧.