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** Note the 7pm start time ** Each month, 14 different words and phrases are posted on the brief for the meeting. Each person is free to interpret the words in any way they choose through the camera's lens. You can do as many, or as few as you like. Multiples of the same word is OK too! So come along and grab yourself a coffee or hot chocolate (and maybe a yummy dessert) and show your photos to the group and and briefly talk about each one. - How does the image relate to the word? - Where did you take the shot and how did you set it up? or was it candid? - What you like about the shot? - What you would like to have improved? Remember - someone will bring the laptop if you bring the USB. iPads are ok too though! The things for this month are: 1. night 2. disruption 3. brilliant 4. deserted 5. chic 6. orange 7. long exposure 8. blur 9. tesselation 10. floor 11. wildlife 12. delicious 13. height 14. foggy Please note! To defray the cost of running this group ($250 per year) please bring a gold coin for Andy! :-)

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    Invitation to all photographers who would like to share their interest in photography. We feel the best way to improve is to share our images and ideas with each other. The group is suitable for all - digital, 35mm, medium format, SLRs, compact cameras, even holgas. It's not about the camera - it's the images. When you come to a meet up, be sure to:

    1. Bring along 2 or 3 or more of your favourite pictures you have taken for the month to show to the group for kudos / feedback / questions.

    2. Get a brief photographic assignment ("14 things") each month and group members are encouraged to have a crack at it.

    3. Have a drink, chat, relax. Prints are good but I bring along a laptop for thumbdrives etc.

    Once you RSVP, check the "14 Things" brief on the meetup details, along with some very quick guidelines on talking on images and giving feedback. I love photography and started this group to share and learn from others in a easy-going and casual environment.

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