What we're about

Welcome to BAPOM! (Great acronym, right?)

This Meetup aims to bring people together who have an interest or experience in astral projection, out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying, remote viewing, and more. These could all be considered expanded or mystical states of consciousness. Anyone interested in these topics or other psychic or mystical phenomena is welcome to join us. Our group meets so like-minded souls can connect, offer support, and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please note, this group used to be run by the International Academy for Consciousness, but they are no longer our sponsor. This Meetup had a Near Death Experience of it's own, as it no longer had a sponsor and was about to shut down! I very much wanted to meet with others having OBE's and other mystical experiences, and I really wanted to keep this group going. Hence, I am now the moderator, the group continues, and I am making some changes.

See you on the astral!


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