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“FREE MONEY for Real Estate, Business and Education” Chris Johnson is known as America's Top Educator teaching people how to find and obtain the Grant Funding they need to buy & fix up Real Estate, start or expand a Business or get a college or university Education! His knowledge and expertise regularly has him featured on numerous TV & radio shows as well as share the stage with well known financial and investment experts such as Sir Richard Branson, Suze Orman, Tony Robbins ,Robert Kiyosaki and more. The U.S. Government is the largest "Money Vault" on the planet. When Chris is asked... What does he mean by this? He responds... "Well just that. There is literally Billions of Dollars in what I call FREE MONEY in the form of Government Grants, Loans and Subsidies available in three main categories; Real Estate, Business and Education. The reason I say "Money Vault" is that even if people know it is there, (which most people don't), they really have no idea how to get it. In other words, they don't have the "Magic Key" to unlock this vault." Chris teaches everyday American's the key to unlock this "money vault" so people can receive the Grant funding they need to finance Real Estate deals, start or improve a Business or send their kids to the top colleges and universities around the country all paid for by the Government There is FREE MONEY for a down payment on a house, pay your closing costs, renovate and fix up your properties, pay your rents and mortgages to name just a few. Entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting up a Business, can receive all the start up capital they need, including money for equipment, vehicles, employees etc. even if you already have a business, and just want to expand your business there is money available for you. The wealthy people often send their children to private schools, college and university compliments of Uncle Sam. Why shouldn't the rest of us? Well the answer is we can! This money is available from all levels of Government; Federal, State, County and Municipal. In fact over $500 Billion is given away to organizations, businesses, investors and people just like you every year! With over 2,200 Federal and 17,000 State programs available there are many programs you are eligible for. The Government takes the money from us in the form of taxes, then gives Chris Johnson is known for helping people to find and access this money with huge success rates for many years. Chris knows how get Grant money better than almost anyone and he will show you how on January 11, 2018, so be sure be at the meeting. We have some GREAT programs lined up for 2018 so make sure to save the 2nd Thursday of each month to come out and Network & Learn! The Fort Worth Real Estate Investors Club Just RSVP now at ( for the Fort Worth Real Estate Investors Club’s Monthly meeting at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Purchase your tickets at Item #13 on the shopping Cart. Networking with local investors starts at 6:16 pm and the Main meeting starts at 7:00 pm. Come out and meet our Preferred Vendors and let them answer any questions you have about real estate investing. Also check out the NEW Facebook page for the club. Click to see page ( You can watch some videos from past meetings. Also see some pictures of all the things we do at the club! See ya There Jimmy Reed So reserve your seat now by clicking this link This is a Thursday event and we have limited seating so get your seat now. This DFW Real Estate Club "1REClub" is Fort Worth’s Premier Real Estate Educational club! Proverbs 13:20 Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

3220 Botanic Garden Boulevard · Fort Worth, TX

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This is "The Premier Fort Worth Real Estate Investors Club" designed for Networking, Buying & Selling Real Estate Deals, Training, Mentoring, and Over All Real Estate Investing. Created for Rich Investors & Poor Investors a like! We welcome all levels of Investors/Students to come and learn how to make money in real estate here in the DFW area. There are many DFW Real Estate Clubs in the area, we hope you visit & join ours!

Our Members are made up of:

New Investors Seasoned Investors Landlords Money Lenders

Realtors/Agents Hard Money Lenders Rehabbers Attorneys

CPA's Engineers Title Agents Painters

Plumbers Electricians Carpet/Tile Everyone interested in real estate

I myself have been investing for over 29+ years in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. I have trained and created the training programs for many late night Guru's which include, Russ Whitney, Rich Dad Education, Trump, and others.

I taught their students through what was know as WIA and then was know as Tigrent/Rich Dad Education. Now I think just Rich Dad? A lot of name changes!

We have mentored students from Texas, Hawaii, to New York and even Costa Rica & Panama. We specialize in Wholesale, Apartments, Rehabbing, rentals, notes, and much more.

We started the club originally in 2002 and were formally know as REIO-FW, we were at one point one of the oldest DFW real estate clubs in the area. But once the Social Media and Meetup groups took off, Clubs started popping up all over DFW area! Many lead by former students and members of the original club. In 2014 I decided to move in a direction of being an elite type club. We also wanted to promote God since we are a Christian based club. We use many of the Bibles scriptures as part of our meetings Now everyone is welcome but if you are not serious about really being a real estate investor or you are offended by God then we ask that you look at other clubs.

This may sound harsh but we are serious about Honoring the Lord and at the same time the Entrepreneurship of making money in real estate & helping new members to do the same. So if you are looking for all that free stuff, fairy dust, or free food we are not the club for you. But if you want to do deals, learn how to do deals, and do it with Integrity, then come out to the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth and experience Networking with Real Investors here in the DFW area.

We look forward to working with you soon. Oh by the way we do have Real Estate Mentor & Training programs through the club & my company, which more info is at So if you want the same real estate training's that the late night Gurus have, which some of them still use my materials then get with us, our training's will cost you a lot less!

See ya at the "Premier Fort Worth Real Estate Club"! 1REclub

Jimmy Reed

Proverbs 13:20

Walk with the Wise and become Wise, for a companion of Fools Suffer Harm.



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