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If the Truth of the matter, whatever matter it may be, has set your world on tilt, and the surrounding chaos has set your stability fuse short, come sit with a panel of seemingly regular folks who've discovered some miraculous tips and tricks, old and new, to assist in their evolution of "waking up" and staying centered and balanced, able to deal with life's impeccable blows and hidden blessings.

Hear various stories of others who's worlds & viewpoints opened up to a whole new level of understanding, acceptance, and then manifestation. In some cases, energetic transmissions, activations and healings may occur. We'll share resources, too, so bring a pad and pen for notes and a full belly for your comfort. :) This Waking Up series consists of a rotating panel of experiential and professional experts sharing their time to assist and empower newly awakened sisters and brothers along their path in life.

There is a Suggested energy donation of $10-20, sliding scale, however this is open to all, regardless of ability to pay. This is about helping and lifting each other up, the panel included, especially during these times and especially because once-close personal relationships tend to lack support and understanding. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and you are not crazy. You're just waking up. We're here to help and to walk each other home. Please come.

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