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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Andrew Piet and I’ve created this group to help bring growth to all who attend but with a main focus to Connect, Inspire and Unite.

Though this Group was started to be mostly Veteran Orientated, ALL are more than Welcome to attend most Meet-ups and help Organize too. It’s main purpose however is to unite Veteran’s across all Ages and Era’s of Service & Branches of Service (Military, Police, Firefighter, EMTs etc). We will begin to meet twice a month at a Member’s Private Residence.

—->On the Flip Side.

All Not affiliated with the above are more than welcome to attend all other meet-ups, public or private. These are also very important to this group as it will bring Awareness to common issues Veterans’ face that are misunderstood or mistreated all together. With Time and Attendance, the hope is to bring understanding of possible strifes’ and build a closer bond between the Two Communities in Our Beautiful Society.
About the Organizer:
(Thank You for the Interest;)

Again, I’m Andrew Piet. Currently 31 and working as a Respiratory Therapist (I help you Breathe) working in a rural hospital outside of Sacramento. I Served in the Finest Branch our Great Country has to Offer, The United States Marine Corps; from 2006 to 2010 with the 1st Battalion 5th Marines, Make Peace or Die! Honorable discharge as a Corporal (E4) with two deployments to gab about. I have absolutely no care as to who attends nor to what ailments you may have, Veteran or Non. With that said I am also not posing or hosting these meetings or meet-ups posing as being a Psychiatrist or any other mental health specialist. My Spirit is to help All those in need and Learn from All who are Around.

“Nothing of Me is Original, I am the combined effort of Everyone I have ever or may have never, met.”

I Appreciate your Time.

Take Care and Have a Day!

-Andrew Piet, RCP, USMC Veteran

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