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1st Tuesday Mastermind: Lunch, Learn, and Lead
1st Tuesday is a MasterMind group made up of Top Leaders from businesses in the Chattanooga region. NOTE: This is NOT a networking/lead generation group. As a MasterMind group, we come together to share ideas and discuss business issues and solutions with our peers (It can be lonely at the top and new ideas are always welcome.). Currently, we are open to any person who leads a business in the region. Over time, we intend to split into two groups: 1st Tuesday focused on business leaders with 15 employees or less and 3rd Tuesday focused on business leaders with over 15 employees. CEOs, Business Owners, Presidents, etc. are invited to register and join us for lunch, learning, and leadership on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 212 Market. Only Top Leaders from local companies are invited (except hosts and speakers). Have a great lunch*, network with other Top Leaders, and enjoy a brief (20 to 30 minute) business presentation on topics other 1st Tuesday participants request. NOTE: Registration closes at 12:30 pm on the day before the luncheon so that we can give a good headcount to the restaurant. Thanks! *Each participant pays for their own lunch and there is no other admission fee at this time..

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Respond by: 9/4/2018

What we're about

Attention: CEOs, Business Owners, and Presidents. As you know, it can be lonely at the top. 1st Tuesday is designed to bring top business leaders together for "Top Leader" networking. So, if you are the top leader in your company (i.e. the Owner, CEO, or President) and you would like to build relationships with other top business leaders in the community this once-per-month lunch meeting may be just the ticket.

We are a "Mastermind" group for top business leaders in the Chattanooga area. The term Mastermind is typically traced back to Napoleon Hill and his landmark book, "Think and Grow Rich" published in the 1930s. Each month, on the 1st Tuesday, we come together to have lunch, get to know each other, and discuss topics of interest to individual members. Depending on the needs of the individuals attending these meetings, we may brainstorm new ideas, work through current issues, or otherwise exchange ideas about being top leaders in our organizations.

Currently, we are accepting top leaders from any type of company and any size of company. Over time, as we continue to grow, we intend to split into two or more groups based on the size of our companies. For example, we might split into companies with less than 10 team members and companies with 10 or more. Or, the first split may be at 25 employees. We will make this decision when we get up to 30 or 40 people attending on a regular basis.

We are NOT a marketing or sales forum. If you are looking for this type of group, please look at BNI, PowerCore or others. While some of our members may do business outside of the group meetings, it is NOT our intention to have a sales or marketing component in our group discussions. You may bring business cards to share with the other members of the team and material to place on the table at the back of the room. But, we discourage active selling during our discussions.

Iron sharpens Iron, as they say, and we are hear to sharpen each other in every area of our lives, starting in the key areas of our businesses.

If this profile and format fits you, we look forward to meeting you at our meetup the first Tuesday of next month.

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