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What we're about

This is the group for you if

- You just want to meet new people, make friends and have fun without dealing with flakey people.

- You are new to Philadelphia and suburbs want to start your social circle from scratch.

- You are familiar with Couchsurfing and looking for meetup with Couchsurfing spirit and vibe.

- You just want to be more social.

- You just want to get your butt out.

- You are likely in your 20's or 30's.

- You are looking for group with quality over quantity. You refrain from flaking and actively looking to make friends and be social.

- You prefer meetups with smaller attendance so that everyone gets to know each other.

- You want to attend happy hours, house parties, wine tastings, bar crawls, parties, outdoor activities, casual social events, beer tastings, sporting events, adventures/adventurous activities etc.

- There are only "YES" or "NO" RSVP options no "MAY BE". So you acknowledge you update RSVP accordingly if something changed. Last minute cancellation are considered as no show, you'll have to update your rsvp to NO no later than 5 hours before meetup. You understand that one no show will get you removed from this awesome group.

This is NOT the group for you if

(FLAKE n. - An unreliable person; someone who agrees to do something, but never follows through; A No Show without rsvp update)

- You are an adult who is a Flake.

- You are an adult and not sure if you are a Flake.

- You are too cool to be friendly and social with other awesome people here.

Some of "You don't say?" / "No Shit" rules:

- You will be responsible for your tab/bill and belongings.

- You won't be rude to anyone.

- You don't be a No-Show or a flake. (Seriously whenever you flake, your close friend hits their toe against the table)

- Did I mention that flaking is not appreciated?

- You don't forget to have fun.

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