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Creating Your Ideal Life! (Following Inner Guidance) (Law of Attraction)

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Good day everyone,

I'd like to invite you out for this insightful and interactive evening, inspired by the conscious authors such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Esther Hicks, Eckart Tolle and David Hawkins.

This evening will also be inspired by the teachings found within The Law of Attraction and Zen Buddhism.

We will be exploring the opportunities, techniques and solutions around Creating Your Ideal Life, and ultimately becoming Happier, Healthier and more Abundant.

-We encourages group participation, positive energy, and lots of laughter.

*Joined by my other inspiring groups as well.

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Steve Flemming


Event Details:

Creating Your Ideal Life! (Following Inner Guidance)

The Law of Attraction

"Learn to listen to your inner guidance. After you have worked with energy and magnetized what you want, your inner guidance will lead you to it in the quickest, simplest way. When you listen to and act upon your guidance, you follow your natural flow of energy. It is that effortless, easy flow that leads to all the things you have been asking for. Inner guidance comes from your higher self and speaks to you in the form of feelings, insights, and inner knowing. Inner guidance bring you information from sources other than those that can be detected by your physical senses. By getting quiet and listening to your thoughts and feelings, you can tap into a much larger spectrum of information than is ordinarily thought to be available." (Keys to Abundance)

This event has been designed to allow you to receive & contribute support, expand your knowledge, and absorb fresh ideas that will shift your life towards greater peace, joy & prosperity.


-Follow the spiritual laws of life and abundance

-Develop unlimited thinking

-Listen to your inner guidance and intuition

-Transform your beliefs in a life affirming way

-Magnetize and draw to you what you want

-Create your life's work and a life of leisure

-The Law of Attraction in Action

May we all find our way, filled with peace, love and joy! SF

Friendly Reminders:

*Arrive between 7:00 and 7:20 for informal mix & mingling.
**The event will start at 7:30 and go to 9:30

- One beverage or snack minimum is required upon arrival to support the venue and staff

-Parking found on Yonge and free parking in residential area (2 minute walk south from subway station)



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