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Welcome to the 20 Somethings in Seattle Meetup group! We’re an active, inclusive community :)

If you’re on Meetup, you’re probably hoping to make friends. That’s great! You should fit right in! We’d love to meet you. Our main activity is our weekly happy hour on Thursdays where we grab drinks at a bar and chat. We often have meetups on weekends as well. Our weekend activities have included hikes, beach bonfires, festivals, wine tasting, and fruit picking. In addition to our official weekend meetups, many members will get together without an official meetup. For best results, show up to a meetup on Thursday and ask people about their plans for the weekend!

If you read our meetup’s name carefully, you’ll notice that our community is NOT strictly reserved for SINGLES!

That being said, if you ARE single, we ask that your primary motive at activities is to build new, lasting friendships. Members who are pushy or clingy or don’t give other members space will be asked to stop, then asked to leave. And it should go without saying that harassment (of any form) will not be tolerated.

If you are in your early to mid thirties or would like to bring a friend along who is, please feel welcome! We’re not strict about the age. Just keep in mind that the majority of the people you meet will be younger!

We hope to see you soon!

Past events (248)

Weekly Happy Hour @ Rhein Haus

Rhein Haus Seattle

Weekly Happy Hour @ Art Marble 21 (SLU)

Art Marble 21

Weekly Happy Hour @ Barca (Capitol Hill)


Weekly Happy Hour @ Redhook (Cap Hill)

Redhook Brewlab

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