What we're about

We are a Los Angeles based movement with a mission to hold the media to higher standards and lift up historically marginalized voices.

Our movies, TV shows, advertisements, songs, news, and books have the power to shape how society views entire groups of people. When we accept media in which women are only valued for their appearance, and racial/LGBTQ diversity is absent or diminished to stereotypes, then we accept that as our reality. Society cannot progress if the media continually perpetuates regressive ideas. When we continue to say nothing, do nothing, and give money to the people responsible, we endorse these ideas. Why would those with power choose to change if what they are doing is socially accepted and financially rewarded?

As much as we wish we could change the media of the past, we can't. But, fortunately, we can create a higher standard for the future. The 2020 Vision means holding today's media accountable for the times we live in now by looking through the lens of what is acceptable in the year 2020. By making criteria that is specific and consistent, we can ensure ignorance is no longer a viable excuse.

We are looking for anybody with the motivation to make a difference in a nonviolent, respectful way! We need members and voices from as many backgrounds as possible for this to be successful. The movement will be meaningless if it is not intersectional!

We will not entertain hate or violence of any kind. If you are using any discriminatory language, you will be asked to leave. This needs to be an inclusive environment in order to be successful, no exceptions. Also, we are not looking to ruin people's lives or shame them as human beings. We are looking to critique PRODUCTS, and provide a framework for improvement. This isn't about "canceling," people, it is about educating people.

Help us move past the straight-white-male gaze and move toward 2020 vision!


Goals for our first meeting:

1. Workshop a list of 20 criteria that address pervasive problems in movies and TV shows. (e.g. Are women treated as objects? Is sexual assault normalized? Is being LGBTQ used a punchline? Are racist stereotypes perpetuated? Are there a variety of female body types portrayed? Is the crew behind the scenes diverse? Does it pass the Bechdel test?)

2. Create committees to start future projects. (e.g. Education, Research, Events, Outreach, Social Media)


Goals for the future:

1. Create a website where members can evaluate current movies and TV shows, giving them a rating out of 20 based on the 20 criteria agreed upon.

2. Create the 20 criteria for advertisements, news outlets, books, and music.

3. Encourage female, POC, and LGBTQ voices in the media through writing workshops, mentorship programs, and spreading awareness of the need/current percentages of involvement.

4. Visit Middle schools and high schools to discuss representation on camera AND behind the scenes.

5. Hold events to spread awareness such as a walk for representation, viewing parties, and book clubs.

6. What's your idea?! Come to the first meeting and let us know!

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