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It's simple: a growing group of 20- and 30-somethings in Western New York, who want to go out, meet new people, and try new things.

Break your routine and join us!

If you're interested in scheduling your own event, look for the "Create Event" tab on our main Meetup page, and share some of your own events with the rest of us.

The best way to join us: download the Meetup app onto your phone. Once you've arrived at your first event, log in and post a comment to help other members find you. (Trust us... We have new visitors each week, so we're getting used to spotting each other in a crowd!)


Twice per year, we'll hold a fundraiser, to keep our group featured on the Meetup website/app. All we're asking for is a few bucks, to help cover our group's $90/monthly payment.

**NOTE: Many new members ask about our social, drinking events. Our Friday night Happy Hours take place earlier in the evening, and no member will ever be pressured to drinking in order to fit in. Our group is inclusive to drinkers and non-drinkers alike, so please come join us and see for yourself!**

Upcoming events (5+)

Play DJ Trivia Every Tuesday @ Thirsty Buffalo

Thirsty Buffalo

• What we'll do We regularly go to Thirsty Buffalo for Tuesday Night Trivia. To recap on how trivia works, it starts between 7:15 -7:30 and runs until 9-9:30. Our group generally arrives around 7:00 to grab tables. DJ Trivia is a general knowledge type of quiz. It encompasses everything from history, movies, pop culture, sports, and science, among many others. We are always looking for players who know anything about any and all subjects, especially people who know stuff about basketball or can identify pictures of celebrities. Each week, DJ Trivia's website posts a series of clues that hint at a handful of questions that might be asked tonight, along with a request to bring in an item for bonus points. If you are able to contribute to the bonus, it would be greatly appreciated. GAME FORMAT: The first 3 rounds have 4 multiple choice questions plus one "Do or Die" fill-in-the-blank/short answer question where you double your score from that round if you get it right, or lose all your points from the round if you get it wrong. There's no penalty for getting a multiple choice question wrong. Round 4 has 4 fill-in-the-blank/short answer questions that do not get a penalty for being wrong. The very last question is another Do-or-Die, only this time all or nothing from all of the points you have acquired in this round • What to bring Your brains. You may want to research the information given in the weekly bonus clue, and/or bring in the item needed for the bonus, if necessary. • Important to know Basic rules: -Please don't be on your phones before the answer is displayed. -No, you do NOT have to be smart to play trivia. The spirit of Tuesday Trivia is kinship and harmony! It's totally ok to come hang out without knowing any questions. Or maybe tonight is when your "pointless" Western Civ class finally pays off... -Let's all be nice to each other!! This is a very laid back, welcoming group and the more everyone gets along, the more fun it is.

Swing Dancing


Come swing dance every Tuesday at SwingBuffalo. Introductory class at 7.45. And open dancing immediately after at 8.30. Pretty casual atmosphere and no partner or previous experience necessary. Wearing shoes is probably a good idea. Suggested donation- 5 bucks.

Friday Happy Hour at Cecilia’s

Cecelia's Ristorante & Martini Bar

It’s Friday night... You deserve it! Time to grab a drink, blow off some steam, meet some new friends, or find a few familiar faces in some new places. Download the Meetup app to find our weekly WNY bar spot. Once you arrive for your first Happy Hour, post a comment with some clues to help find you (appearance, clothes, location, etc), and we’ll find you! Each Happy Hour begins at 6:30pm. Sometimes we change locations, sometimes we stay late, and sometimes we hop around. If you’d like to see a spot featured in a future Happy Hour, feel free to contact our Organizers. Cheers to another well-deserved Friday night!

Postponed: Let’s Go Disc Golfing

Beaver Island State Park

Frisbee meets golf! Never played? Now's your chance to learn! No experience or equipment required, but if you have your own discs feel free to bring them... Just come out in some loose athletic clothes, with something to stay hydrated, maybe a little sunscreen, and be ready to enjoy the weather!

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Friday Happy Hour at Thin Man Brewery

Thin Man Brewery

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