Play DJ Trivia Every Tuesday @ Thirsty Buffalo

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Every week on Tuesday

Thirsty Buffalo

555 Elmwood Ave · Buffalo

How to find us

We are almost always on the side porch, usually clustered around 2-3 tables. If not, we will try to be inside across from the bar near the DJ booth. If you see someone or a group who you think is our team, just come up and ask!

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• What we'll do
We regularly go to Thirsty Buffalo for Tuesday Night Trivia. To recap on how trivia works, it starts between 7:15 -7:30 and runs until 9-9:30. Our group generally arrives around 7:00 to grab tables.

DJ Trivia is a general knowledge type of quiz. It encompasses everything from history, movies, pop culture, sports, and science, among many others. We are always looking for players who know anything about any and all subjects, especially people who know stuff about basketball or can identify pictures of celebrities.

Each week, DJ Trivia's website posts a series of clues that hint at a handful of questions that might be asked tonight, along with a request to bring in an item for bonus points. If you are able to contribute to the bonus, it would be greatly appreciated.


The first 3 rounds have 4 multiple choice questions plus one "Do or Die" fill-in-the-blank/short answer question where you double your score from that round if you get it right, or lose all your points from the round if you get it wrong. There's no penalty for getting a multiple choice question wrong. Round 4 has 4 fill-in-the-blank/short answer questions that do not get a penalty for being wrong. The very last question is another Do-or-Die, only this time all or nothing from all of the points you have acquired in this round

• What to bring
Your brains. You may want to research the information given in the weekly bonus clue, and/or bring in the item needed for the bonus, if necessary.

• Important to know
Basic rules:

-Please don't be on your phones before the answer is displayed.

-No, you do NOT have to be smart to play trivia. The spirit of Tuesday Trivia is kinship and harmony! It's totally ok to come hang out without knowing any questions. Or maybe tonight is when your "pointless" Western Civ class finally pays off...

-Let's all be nice to each other!! This is a very laid back, welcoming group and the more everyone gets along, the more fun it is.