What we're about

This group is for anyone in the Phoenix area aged 21 to 32 who has a dog or is planning on getting one and would like to do dog related activities! Anything from hikes, backyard play days, walks in the park, dog parks, agility, training, puppy socialization. Essentially any fun group activity for dogs and their owners!

If you're not much of a dog person feel free to join the bigger 20s/early 30s group here: https://www.meetup.com/20s-and-early-30s-in-Phoenix/

The reason for the age range for this group is so I can do cross-over events, plus people often become better friends with those around the same age.

So please only join if you're in your 20s or early 30s (i.e. 32 or under), otherwise it ruins the purpose of the group (anyone 34+ will be removed as there are loads of other 20s/30s groups). It's also NOT a singles/dating/hookup group, it's for meeting people to hang out with as friends, any guys who get reported for this will be removed.

If you have any fun ideas for an event or would like to get involved with running the group or hosting events yourself, definitely get in touch with us so we can get it organized!

Otherwise join up, come to an event and get to know some new people and dogs!

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Evening at the dog park - 20s/early 30s!

Paradise Valley Dog Park

Thought it might be fun to meet up at a dog park one evening so the dogs can play together! Next one will be at Paradise Valley Dog Park. Will mix it up over time though as it would be good to try different ones. Also if there's ever the option to go in a large or small one I think we'll usually end up in the large one so if anyone would like to strictly stay in the smaller parks post a comment so others can see and potentially join as kind of a sub group. One other requirement is that your dogs are fully vaccinated, I wouldn't bring your dog to any dog park unless they've had all of their shots!

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Evening at the dog park - 20s/early 30s!

Steele Indian School Park Dog Park

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