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The 215 Creative Group started as a vision of David Arnold from Masters of Light Photography. David wanted to create a group of like-minded professional photographers and videographers. The mission was to create a collaborative team that could work together to: a) help startup photographers and models, b) collaborate on creative projects, and c) build their businesses.

David met a photographer named George Marable in April of 2019 and shared his vision. From that day forward, The 215 Creative Group was formed. David and George discussed many of the pain points of starting and growing a photography business and decided to focus the efforts of The 215 Creative Group on the following:


New photographers need subjects/models/sitters to develop their photography skills. It just so happens that new models need photos. So this seems to be a match made in heaven! However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Reaching out to people you do not know can be uncomfortable for many. Often times even after an agreement is made someone does not show up. The photographer's skills may not be up to what a prospective model may require, and thus they reject the photographer. This can be extremely frustrating for a new photographer, and any photographer to be frank. The 215 Creative Group has built a large network of models through the years, and we can tap into that network to help photographers. These events consist of 6 or more models who will change into 3 different looks. We limit attendance to 15 photographers, and they get 3 hours of shooting time with the models. We also offer Off-Camera Flash equipment to these photographers during the event if they would like to enhance their photos with great lighting. These events result in hundreds of photos for the starting photographer who needs photos for his/her portfolio.


Photographers of all skill levels need to continue to learn. There is no better way to learn than to join a collaboration photo shoot. The 215 Creative Group will hire a model or models and develop an inspiration board and theme for the shoot. The 215 Creative Group will go onsite with 3 photographers and do a 3-hour photoshoot with a model or models. You will be part of that team. You will get to collaborate on shot ideas, lighting, composition, everything. Each person on the team will take turns as a photographer, lighting assistant, and BTS documentary. The 215 Creative Group will offer advice, but the real power here is TRIAL and ERROR. It really is the best way to learn. These sessions will last about 3 hours. You will not only get some high-quality images, but you will also get the experience of working with other photographers to capture the PERFECT photos, not just a bunch of good photos.


This was never our real intention, but as we held the Photographer Portfolio Builder Photoshoots, many models reached out to us and asked, "What about the models?" So we developed the idea.

As stated above, new models need photos! However, they need to have QUALITY photos given to them in a timely manner. They also need to practice posing and developing their own style in front of the camera. As any model can attest, there is no lack of “photographers” reaching out to them to “shoot” or “collaborate”. This is great while you are learning your craft, however, there comes a point in your career when a modeling agency wants you to come with QUALITY, HIGH-RESOLUTION photographs in a portfolio. You do not want to rely on a photographer you have never met, who is working for free, to deliver “retouched” photos in a timely manner.

This is where the Model Portfolio Builder Photoshoots are beneficial to a model. The models will come ready to shoot 3 different looks. We will provide a changing "room" and an area to do makeup. There will be TWO (2) PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS. Each photographer will shoot the models for 10 minutes in each of the 3 looks. The photographers will share the PROOFS with the model within 24 hours. The model can then select up to 4 photos from each look. These photos will be retouched and delivered to you in high resolution within 7 days of your final selection.

So you will get 8 shots from 3 different looks or 24 HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOS for you to take to your prospective agency.


In the first 6 months of existence “The 215 Creative Group” has held THREE (3) Photographer Portfolio Builder Events, and THREE (3) Photographer Collaboration Photoshoots, and countless Photoshoots with the 215 Creative Group founders. We are truly loving every moment we have spent developing this idea into a reality.

I purchased a point and shoot camera about 15 years ago to document some of my kid's life events about 15 or so years ago. I really had no idea what I was doing and literally just pushed the button taking photos of them, landscapes and things at work. My brother (a photographer) loaned me one of his DSLR cameras about 4 years ago and he started teaching me how to take portraits and events. Now I love photography!

Photography has always been my passion. It all started when I was a child. My parents would let me have the only camera we owned. I would go off and take hundreds of pictures, many times with no film. My love grew as I got older. I would take pictures of my friends and family, even when they did not want me to. I would try to capture the emotion of the moment in a photograph. Owning my own photography business was just a dream for many years, I am happy to say that my dream has turned into a reality, and I could not be happier.


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Photographer Portfolio Builder October Edition

2424 Coral St

We will provide and show you how to use a SOFTBOX and OFF CAMERA FLASH with up to 6 quality models each in different looks... A MUST ATTEND! About this Event Are you wondering about off-camera flash (OCF)? Are you struggling to find quality models to shoot? Do you struggle to find good locations to shoot? THEN THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU! TESTIMONIALS FROM PREVIOUS ATTENDEES "I really appreciate the hands-on experience and training provided. Everyone was very willing to share and help out. Wonderful experience. Will definitely do it again. Thanks to everyone." - Robert F. "I had a great time. Thank you so much for putting the event on. You guys at 215 Creative did a great job in organizing the event. It was nice meeting the other photographers and the models worked hard and were fun to shoot." - Sean S. WHAT TO EXPECT We will help you understand why OCF is so important, even in the middle of the day. Renting a single 200w strobe and a trigger is upwards of $50 a day. Purchasing them is in the hundreds or thousands. We will be bringing four (4) 200w strobes, (2) 600w strobes, and triggering systems for Nikon, Sony, and Canon cameras for you to use at this shoot (see details below about lights that will be available). We will work with you to set up the flash systems with your camera and we will help you get the right settings on your camera to ensure the pictures are exposed properly. We can also teach you what we learned about different systems and help guide any purchasing decisions you might have in the future. Finding a model to practice your portrait photography can also be difficult. Family and friends no longer want to help you out, models are asking to be paid, or the models you are working with are stiff and don't move. In today's environment, it is easy to pay $100 to shoot with 1 model. We have solved this problem for you at this event. There will be at least six (6) models for you to shoot with, and each model will be changing into 3 different looks. This will give you 18 different looks for your portfolio. Finally, what good is perfect lighting, and a great model if the location isn't good. The composition is the key to any great photo. You should have no shortage of great spots for a great composition of your photo at this location. LIGHTING We will have the following equipment on hand and you are free to use it all: - 2 - 600w strobes - 4 - 200w strobes - 4 - speedlights - 6 - softboxes - various Gels and other fun accessories for the lights - triggers for Canon, Sony, and Nikon cameras MODELS (subject to change) - Erin (https://www.instagram.com/luna__amora/) - Melody (https://www.instagram.com/beyoumelody/) - Zach (https://www.instagram.com/zacharypun/) - Devon (https://www.instagram.com/dcbarr/) - Monica (https://www.instagram.com/mofotusky/) - Courtney (https://www.instagram.com/courtneyjune/) - Janelle (https://www.instagram.com/because.jen/) - Courtney (https://www.instagram.com/courtnxydanielle/) PLEASE NOTE: we try to keep things moving, so please be respectful of other attendees and do not shoot with a model in any outfit longer than 5 minutes. OUTFIT THEMES FOR THE SHOOT - Fall Glam (ladies) / Fall Smart Casual (gentleman) - Model's Choice - Halloween Costume If you have questions, please email [masked] Tickets are $100 and are available through Eventbrite (http://bit.ly/EBPortfolioBuilder) Refunds will be given in the event of inclement weather. Space is limited and you don't want to miss this one! NOTE: RSVP does not hold your spot. Payment must be paid through Eventbrite!!!

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Smoke Bomb - Photographer Collaboration Photoshoot



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