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For all those interested in personal Spiritual Development in newer, unfolding, Context of our 21st C Culture. Topics will include Study of what/how the Bible Scriptural reading, might "show up" in a 21st C context.
Topics can include any of a variety of Topics, such as: Metaphysics... Ascension ,,, Feminine Dynamics of Spiritual Expression, as seen, referenced in Mary Magdalene, showing up in all 4 christian Gospels. Also look at Science & Spirituality coming together, seen in the Quantum physics understanding of Healing,,,, and for me most recently, Relationships in today's society, in the "age" of Social Media?!
I will be introducing, a program called; "Relationship Reflections" after the similar work of Greg Braden's; "7 Essene Mirrors" Work on Relationships.

Invitations & Requests will certainly be encouraged based on the Group's Interest, in same topics of Spirituality, personal Self-Development, Healing, and Relationship Dynamics, from a Spiritual Perspective of Personal Growth, Healing, and Development of how the gospel scriptures, might apply in a 21st C. lifestyle.

Media will include current YouTube Videos, Author's published works on Personal Growth, some Metaphysics topics, Sciences (IONS Noetic Sciences, related Work),

Format will allow for: a short Meditation(quiet moment) to begin each session, followed by Topic, Video, Source Material Intro's, followed by Q&A and Observations, with occasional Pot Luck to celebrate Holidays / Events of Participants lives.

So, Bring your Observations, Thoughts and Interests, on what YOU SEE for the unfoldment of a 21st C. Light of Consciousness, Spirituality and Christianity. We will envision to create a space of Harmony and safety, that "Calls to us", to gently explore these Topics, in today's constantly changing world of Today's 21st C. and our relationship(s) responding to the Divine Light within us, guiding us, as we move into our 21st C. calling.

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