RE Investors: Wholetail vs. Wholesale, Understanding This and Finding Properties

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NOTE: This is a paid event
$25 (Discount for Cash: $20)

On Thursday, June 27th, 2019 we will present the following:
Wholetail vs. Wholesale -Understanding this and finding properties.

If you’re thinking about buying properties to find and flip, this a must attend event as you still need to buy the right investment property!

Come and learn from experienced investors in your market how to find,
and flip investment property:

Finding great buys! How to work a full-time job yet still find a great deal to buy. How to get started in this business of finding and reselling homes?

Where do you find great real estate buys?
Who can you use to find the property for you?
Where do you find the right contract to use to purchase the home? What clauses do you need in your contract to purchase and still cover your risk?
(You will get a buyer favorable Michigan purchase agreement at the meeting.)

How to figure what amount to offer for the investment?
How do you find right contractor, materials, and what do you fix to get great sell on these vs. a full rehab?

How do you figure your minimal rehab costs to fix the property?
How do you find contractors? (especially the right ones)
Where do you get a good contracts to protect yourself from people working on your investment property?
(Attendees will get a contract to use.)

Where do you get your insurance? What kind of insurance should you have?
Step-by-step guide on how to cleanup or rehab the house!

How do you get property sold quickly at the right price?
How do you assure a good quick sell?
Where do you promote the property?
How do you find the right agent to sell it?

Where are there training programs for all of the above?

Come get info, your questions answered, and all the forms you will get to have to be in this business.

Bring your questions!!!

Learn all of this and come network!

Topic: Wholetail vs. Wholesale -Understanding this and finding properties.
Speakers: R. Maupin, Todd Chunn
Date: Thursday, June 27th, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: Canton Township Library - Community Room
Address: 1200 S. Canton Center Road, Canton, MI 48188
Cost: $25 (Discount for Cash: $20)

--25+ Years in Business after serving as US Marine Corps
--Actively Fixing and Flipping 7-13 Properties/Month
--Actively Buying 5-10 Rental Properties/Month
--Wholesaling 5-10 Deals/Month

--Over 38 Years in Business
--Bought and Sold Over 3500 Properties
--Actively Generating Real Estate Leads
--Works with a Team of Wholesalers in Michigan

For more information, call Mark Maupin at (248)[masked] or send an email at [masked] .

Disclaimer: Real estate investing by nature is risky. You can win, lose or break even. We cannot guarantee a profit or loss. We do not provide legal, accounting or contracting advice