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Anyone that is interested in producing Cartoon Animation, Visual Effects, Stop Motion Animation , should join.
Here you will learn about the basics of animation, then you can pick the formate that
You wish to use as your production animation package , For example, you will need to download your software,If Your using computer animation software, check online for downloads, if it's stop motion , you will just need cameras, lights and editing software etc. We will talk about the production pipeline, Storyboarding, real word objects, lights, shapes,shadows, motion, weight characters and backgrounds, All the elements that makes a short animated film, etc. then create very short films, about 2 -4 mins in length. And the the final output should be MP4. 720- 1080, this short process will render quick results, The art of Animation can be very time consuming, and sometimes frustrating. So if you do not have a practical knowledge of computers, or operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or drawing, or some basic knowledge of animation, it can be challenging, but not impossible. I recommend doing a little research on animation production, Here's a list of A Few of the software application that are good. (3D)modeling software ZBrush , (3D) Animation software Maya, 3DSMax, (3D)Blender is a free download. (2D) Toonboom, Toonz, and Adobe Flash.( Editing) software is also used in the animation production pipeline. Here's a short list of editing software that's good. Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro , Sony Vegas. This Meetup groups main objective is to produce moving content in the form of motion graphics, and to network and share ideas,to tell your story and have fun, and learn from each other as we go. I am a 2d & 3D artist myself still learning, and hope to meet other digital artist. Oh! And There's one more thing, Bring your laptop or Tablet, and Drawing pad.

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