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Has anybody else noticed.... ????

If you're a 30+, working like everyone else, and no longer living in your home town .... it's really tough to find, let alone make new friends?!?

Now you either join a club or do workshops... which less face it, doing workshops in the hopes you meet like minded new friends, can get expensive!

Or... you now you need to have kids! Because people with kids make friends with the other kids parents! But... any new friends I have made, who have kids, never seem to have the time to talk, let alone meet up or go out for an evening together... leaving you back to having part time friends!

I'm 36, and have recently returned from an incredible year of solo travel around the world. I'm in now in a relationship with my travel agent (yup that's what I said!) and have settled somewhat but upon coming home have realised how hard it is to make friends.

I found it surprisingly easy to meet and talk to new interesting people, while traveling, and along the way I was truly lucky to meet some beautiful souls - who I remain in contact with today.

However, because of distance it makes that connection so much more difficult.

Sometimes you just want to be in the company of your girls to have some fun, frolicks, shits and giggles. To discuss the world and put it to right! To talk about the warm and fuzzy moments as much as the sad or irritating moments! (We all need somewhere to vent!)

Whether over a fly by visit, quick cuppa and bikkie, or a glass or two (or bottle) of wine. Whether it is a lunch or dinner, or even just to get out and go for some walks in nature.

Sometimes you just want good hearted, easy, effortless female company... There's nothing like the energy of being around your tribe!

I'm what you might describe as an urban hippy in disguise (or denial)! I grew up on the business side of life, but through travel have learned to nurture a forgotten and neglected creative side. I grew my somewhat spiritual and lighter feathery side. I studied lots of various therapies around the world such as reflexology and herablism and I rediscivered a love for writing (I know this is a long one!), and all things arts and crafty.

However, along side my urban-hippyness I do also love my luxuries of spa treatments, sadly love involving myself in business talk, and quite happy to sip cocktails and go on cinema dates!

So... if you're from or in South County Dublin, would like to meet up as a group of like minded women, get to know each other and maybe even do some fun stuff together - Let me know!

We all know this can be awkward, and there's a small part of me that's nervous about even starting this, but new things are scary... and if we all agree that we can talk about the weather to break the ice, and happy to meet over a cuppa to start with, then lets take it from there!

All I ask is that you are local enough (to make this all a little easier for everyone should you make some new friends), that you feel you have similar enough interests and are happy to bring your true authentic self along.

I look forward to meeting you.

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