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You are now reading about a newly formed group. All are welcome. I removed all restrictions on suggestions so once you suggest something to do we all know about it. Doesn't that seem like a novel idea. Okay, so please use the following protocol when suggesting a meetup.

Suggest a meetup, duh ;)
Create a very specific meeting place

Okay so that isn't the most brilliant prose ever constructed :/

Say you want to go to TMNT at the Dundee Theater at 50th and Dodge. Simply create your meetup time and place then go to Find a suitable meeting place on the map.

Example Meeting Spot: 41.259771,-95.989633 (or)

Now, using the satellite right click and add a destination or whatever you have to do to get the longitude and latitude of the meeting spot. In my example meeting spot you would congregate about 8 meters east of the main entrance on the north side of dodge street. So once you have the geographical coordinate location for your exact meetup spot, simply create a new map and use the right pane to create a shortened url and paste it in the body of your meetup. Next, show up where you said you were going to be :)

And of course if all that sounds like to much of a headache, just make a descriptive meeting location.

Also, please allow ONLY 15 minutes after your scheduled meetup time to begin your activity. Also, if you are the organizer of a meetup, please show up on time (you don't have to be early, just show up on time)

Also, if your activity is free please state this in the name of the meetup in upper case like this [FREE];

Likewise if you have an activity that is going to cost IRL monies then do something like this [$5.00] or [$25.00] just basically use your best judgement to give the members of the group an idea how much money they may be spending at this meetup.

I'll change this Meetup Group Description when I am tired of looking at it.

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All are welcome.... NOW GET IN HERE!!!


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