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What we’re about

This group has been an idea for awhile now. I always thought it was weird that Las Vegas has a very active 20s and 40s group but no 30s group. So here we are...

I would like this group to consist of all 30 year olds but I will leave it open to people in their LATE 20s and EARLY 40s.

This group has no theme except you should be in your 30s. Single, married, complicated, straight, gay, it doesn't matter to me but please don't confuse it with a dating site. We're just cool people that like to hang out. My assistants and I will do our best to have an array of events to make everyone happy! Again, if you have any ideas or suggestions or if you would like to be one of my assistants please don't hesitate to contact me.



We have 3 basic rules

You must have a picture of yourself somewhere on your profile. It doesn't have to be the default pic for this group but there MUST be one on there (unless I've already met you in person and have explained to me why you can't have one).

We have a "3 strikes you're out" rule when it comes to certain events that my organizers must make reservations for. They will mark these events by saying something along the lines of "RSVP with integrity" within the event description. If you RSVP yes and do not show up, that is one strike. If a member has three no shows, the organizer has the right to remove you from the group.

Also, I ask that you log into the site at least once in a 12 month span. I'm not saying you must go to an event in a 12 month period, I'm saying you have to at least look at our calendar. If not, I'm going to assume you are no longer interested to be part of the group.