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Single? Looking to meet new people? Want to make new friends? Tired of meetup groups revolving around drinking?! So am I!! That’s why I decided to start this group. My idea is to have fun hiking & outdoors events to facilitate meeting great people and like-minded professionals.

Would you like to contribute? Chip In (https://secure.meetup.com/30s-40s-Single-Hikers-and-Adventurers/contribute/)

Events will never be at 6am or in awful locations that are impossible to get to with ATL traffic.

I’ll plan fun stuff like hiking a hidden trail you’ve never tried and perhaps a fun place to eat or have coffee/drinks afterwards. I work near the Brave’s stadium so a lot of these events will be in that area. And it’s a great one! There are several hidden hikes and cool spots to check out.

I do a lot of events and networking activities with work so we'll have icebreakers like human bingo, humble brag, show and tell, and other icebreakers to help us get past that awkward stage of meeting new people. =)

Group Guidelines:

1) You want to meet new people (singles, networking, friends, etc). You don't have to be single to join!
2) You are in the age range of 29-49.
3) You are nice and not a creeper; stalkers will be booted.
4) Dogs are welcome as long as the location allows it. Please keep them on a leash. 5) I'm not a fan of being a stickler about RSVPs, but repeat no shows will be removed from the group. We have started marking attendance with the app. Regular members will get preference to attend events (no shows get lower preference and are booted after 2 times).

****Please do not join if you attend to sell your wares to members. You will be removed.****

Update on Hikes: We are planning hikes of varying difficulty. I will rate these D1 - D5. Please be considerate to other experienced hikers and consider easier hikes or other activities if you are new to hiking. Difficulty levels:

• D1 - Easy; 1-3 miles. Pretty flat.

• D2 - 2-4 miles. Fairly flat. Some hills.

• D3 - Moderate. 3-6 Miles. 2 hours or more. Hills, you will sweat. Some difficulty.

• D4 - Difficult. 3-8 Miles. For advanced hikers only. Very hilly.

• D5 - Expert 6-12 miles. Expert level, very tough (we probably won't do any of these).

Atlanta’s a big city with lots to do, but it can be difficult to meet people in the “city that never reveals itself.”

Join us! Let’s make A-town a little smaller!

Rescheduling, Cancellations and Extreme Weather Policy: I'm not a afraid of a little weather, but most people tend to bail on events if there is a chance of rain in Atlanta. We also schedule some events that can create safety risks for attendees if it rains. Your organizers reserve the right to cancel, reschedule and/or change meetup locations at any time if attendance is low or weather looks likely. We'll make every attempt to update events and schedule an alternate meeting place if possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Participate at your own risk. The 30's & 40's Hikers & Adventurers Meetup assumes no liability associated with meetup events and meetup members, including: injuries, parking fees, event fees, food, drinks, medical bills, loss of property, theft, parking mishaps, towing fees and/or any other negative thing that might happen. In a nutshell: We organize events to help you meet people and make new friends. That's all we are responsible for. By RSVPing and attending our events, you waive all rights to make any legal claim against Meetup and this group's organizers. You are responsible for yourself and your own safety! Thanks

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