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What we're about

Are you a woman in your 30s/40s with a BMI in the overweight-obese category who is gaining or is finding it challenging to lose weight like you used to? Do you enjoy socializing but find that most social activities derail your weight loss goals? Do you just want someone who ‘gets’ you to exercise with? Please join us. You can check BMI here:

(This is NOT a medically supervised weight loss or diet group. Before doing any activity please check with your doctor.)

The goal of this group is to introduce like-minded-spirited women with similar challenges for support, camaraderie, and healthy activity. Anyone is free to post an activity. The only request is that the focus of your activity be healthy so that all members can assume going into an activity that it will be a relaxed, non-judgmental experience.

The very few rules (open to negotiation :-))

1. Please be respectful of each other.
2. Be your own monitor, if you have a history of disordered eating be aware that any related behaviors are prohibited in the group. Also, know your limits and if you aren’t sure check with your doctor before engaging in a new activity. By joining an activity you are accepting full responsibility for your own well-being.
3. This is not a medically supervised weight loss group and we will not be providing clinical support of any kind. We may have healthcare professionals in the group and I do ask that the role be separate for safety and to encourage members to use their own resources.
4. If you have RSVP’d to an activity please give 24 hours for cancellation. If we have reserved anything that comes with cancellation fees (which we likely won’t but you never know) you are responsible for the fee if you incur one.

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