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Hi Ladies!

Welcome! I hope you will enjoy coming to meetups and make some great new friends in this group! Please read the below before requesting to join.

We are a Brisbane Northside based group for ladies who are in their mid 30's to 40's only. We started in January 2016. Meetups will be either Northside or Brisbane city/valley based. Feel free to request to join if you are not from the northside, but just be mindful that meetups will mainly be northside and city based. We have some meetups that occasionally go to the southside because of good restaurants (Bulimba etc) or a bit further afield on the northside like Redcliffe, but most meetups will be inner northside.

This group was set up for ladies in their 30's and 40's to build real friendships. We are predominantly a group that goes out for dinners. Most of us are single, and single by choice but we do have some lovely ladies who are married or in relationships too. Most of our members are mid to late 30's with a few early to mid 40's. You may be new to Brisbane, or have a busy life, and just want to hang out, grab a bite to eat with good company, or your friends may all be married with kids and you're not and you want to meet some new lovely ladies. While we do have a few ladies who are mums, and mums are welcome to join, this is not a mum's group by any means. Most of us do not have children. I've created this group where we can have focus on good conversation, enjoy good food and build friendships, rather than nights out drinking, dancing and partying.. There are other groups that offer that. (Don't get me wrong though, most of us do enjoy having a few wines from time to time) :) I will often pick places that I have been to, or that I want to try, or has been suggested to me by other members, that are reasonably priced which will cater for all budgets and all dietary requirements.

This group is restricted to a maximum of 50 ladies purely due to the cost of running a meetup group but also I want the focus of this group to be building genuine friendships and getting to know each other. We have a good group of regular members and we have built genuine friendships, and always welcome new members. We are a very welcoming and friendly bunch! We have a wide variety of careers, interests, and a lot of us love travel. There is always something to talk about, and there is always a lot of laughing. I will not always be able to accept you straight away as we usually are at 50 members all the time, and I do reviews every month of the group numbers and remove members who are not attending meetups semi regularly.

Meetups are usually fortnightly and tend to be a mixture of Friday, Saturday or Sunday night events with the occasional mid week dinner. Mainly dinners with the few odd brunches thrown in (depending on my work roster).

Some Ground Rules about being a part of this group

• If you join and don't attend a meetup within your first 2 months of joining, you will be removed as I do have an ongoing waiting list. I created this group to develop real friendships, and we like regular attendees, so I do keep numbers fairly small.

• If you join, attend a couple of meetups, and have something on and can't attend for a couple of months, just let me know and I'll keep your spot.

• If you do not have a profile picture, or don't answer the questions that I set when joining, your request won't be accepted.

• I charge a gold coin fee to attend a meetup (which assists me in covering some of the monthly meetup fees). I still pay the bulk of the fees but the gold coin fee helps me with costs), and then you will need to pay for the cost of your meal that you have or the activity we do. If you are not prepared to provide a gold coin donation at a meetup you attend, then please do not join.

• Meetups are limited to members only and no guests.

• No shows without letting me know first that you can't attend will result in you being deleted immediately from the group.

• I understand emergencies come up and sometimes you may need to cancel at the last minute, but if I notice a pattern of regularly cancelling at the last minute without a reasonable excuse you will be removed from the group.

• If it is your first meetup and you cancel at the last minute without a reasonable excuse, you will be removed immediately. I understand people get nervous, but it's just rude to cancel at last minute.

• I understand that not everyone will always click. Rudeness, bullying, cattiness to other members will not be tolerated. We also do not appreciate constant negativity and whining either. If I hear of any issues, or if there is a lack of fit with the group, or there is disharmony in the group because of your behaviour, you will be removed.

Now that's the ground rules out of the way. We want you to come along, meet some wonderful ladies and have a great time. A lot of us have developed wonderful friendships and see each other outside of the group as well. With that being said, we love newbies and you will find us very warm and welcoming.

If you have any questions, or ideas of places to go, please don't hesitate to message me.

See you at a meetup soon!

Shell :)

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