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Hope for America. We are an action oriented group (canvassing, phone calling, and meeting on a teleconference for convenience.) Less talk, more action. We are a group who believes in limited government, less taxes, constitution of the US, and much more. We would like to restore our America to a constitutional Republic like our forefathers had envisioned. Let's get to work. Please plug yourself into the number of positions that are going to ensure that we win Washington State for our Constitutional Republic. To speak more about our efforts please contact me (Katja) at 360-771-4858 or keep up on the messages and events in the 'calendar' and the 'message board' segment of this website. IF anyone would like to post on the calendar, please send me an email at WA4Liberty@gmail.com. Thank you.

Past events (789)

Clark County REpublican Convention

Clark County Fairgrounds

Lincoln Day Dinner and Auction

Heathman Lodge

Conference Call: Patriots Connecting with each other

Conference Line Number: 218-632-9354 password 3032012

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