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Focus on the 360° social dining platform with authentic food and immersive tourism in Vancouver.

Back Ground : Following Airbnb in Hotel and Uber in taxi, VizEat has made a major reform and impact in Restaurant. VizEat, the European “social eating platform” that connects travellers and local hosts around authentic food experiences — such as dining in a local’s home, cooking classes, and food tour.

360° Foodies Labs : Drawing on VizEat’s shared economy model, we plan to offer one RV as a Mobile Foodies Lab to carry out this project, rather than allowing customers to enter every family for food. At the same time, all kinds of foods are provided by the Top 100 local restaurants. We offer RV to pick-up clients from home to home, allowing foodies to enjoy the food in the RV, without the traffic jams, parking and waiting for meals, and Enjoy the beach, streetscape and park while delicious food.

Four features :
1, For local gourmets, they can avoid cost and trouble with parking and waiting for meals.
2, For restaurants, they can meet the needs of more customers, because their foods are not limited, but their seats are limited.
3, For tourists, first of all, they can be recommended to taste the best local gourmet restaurants, and secondly, they can enjoy the local beautiful scenery while enjoying the meal.
4, 360-degree live video broadcast in Youtube, recording the whole process of food tasting, becoming a local food and travel guide.

Top 100 restaurants in Vancouver !



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