What we're about

The Triple-Bottom-Line Network, (3BL) is a new networking group that aims to support businesses, organizations, social enterprises, and movements committed to social and environmental responsibility. Our group meets the first Saturday of every month, usually in the afternoon or early evening. We serve as a networking and learning series of events and community-hub for entrepreneurs, change-makers, thought leaders, creators and innovators from all walks of life. Our meetings are designed to build strong relationships with a focus on three key areas:

1. We forward a conversation around the positive impact we're committed to making in our local and global communities, while magnifying each other's impact.

2. We assist one another by sharing knowledge, contacts, resources, and experience.

3. We view all our members as equal partners, creating the space to build genuine connections and friendships first. By fostering appreciation of our unique perspectives, challenges, and goals we set ourselves us apart from many traditional business networking groups. We're not designed to be a place to simply sell or market yourself and your projects — on the contrary, we’re a group for those interested in being being a part of an actively engaged and evolving community.

Located in Gastown, the centre of Vancouver's startup scene, our venue, and title sponsor TribeSpace.ca is a one-of-a-kind business accelerator focused on the tech sector. Their service offering covers the key areas necessary to build robust start-ups. They provide specialized resources to ensure a successful first round investment. The 'Tribe' is a space to meet and collaborate with entrepreneurs, mentors, and VCs, many of whom also co-work together in the shared office and events space.

Once our membership is strongly established, satellite meetups at local breweries and restaurants, seminars and conferences, and our members businesses and homes are planned. Our members will have first access to exclusive discounts on events, products and services from our partners, but at no time will our email list be rented to a 3rd party. We adhere to a strict opt-in and opt-out model for our list of subscribers.

The inspiration for this meetup came when our founder Ian attended the SociaLIGHT 2016 Conference. Ian heard from CEOs of leading companies first-hand who are building socially, and environmentally beneficial businesses while also maintaining profitability. An 'A-ha!' moment was the realization that entrepreneurs and creators are the ones positioned in the driver’s seat to create the biggest changes on the planet today. Ian identified a need for a regular forum where passionate leaders could have a place to learn from each other, and cross-pollinate great ideas across industries, while able building their network.

The 'Triple-Bottom-Line' concept (coined in 1994), describes three objectives: 1. People and Community 2. Planet & Sustainability & 3. Profit (traditional bottom line). We believe that together humanity is unstoppable and our ethos is based on an unshakable belief in teamwork and collaboration. By joining our network, you make the whole tribe stronger, while increasing your ability to deliver the kinds of change you envision for the planet.

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