What we're about

We are getting together to discuss 3D printing and new related technologies. These are social and educational meetups to learn about this technology and it's various applications. This is your opportunity to:

See 3D printers in action.
Bring your 3D printer or printed objects to show off your latest creations.
Learn more about open source software, such as Slic3r settings, Google Sketch-up and Pronterface.
Meet other 3D-ers and collaborate on new group projects.
Share and learn some little known and useful 3D printing tricks and tips.
See tests performed with new materials, tools, etc. for the first time.
Talk about the latest trends and events in the industry.

All age groups are welcomed. Guest speakers and vendors are also welcomed.

Past events (16)

3D Printer Tent Event

11208 Young River Ave

MatterHackers Meetup: BCN3D Launches New 3D Printer

MatterHackers HQ

Troubleshooting Your Prints

MatterHackers HQ

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