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This meetup is for 3D stereoscopic photographers and videographers, including 3D enthusiasts who want to share and learn about 3D photography and video, participate in photo shoots to capture 3D images and attend events to learn more about this 170+ year old Art. We will explore Do-It-Yourself 3D camera rigs, multi-camera capture equipment and post-processing techniques. The ideal group member shares information to help you create great 3D photos and videos.

Members may also be interested in related topics such as, stereoscopic viewing devices, stereo vision neurology, stereograms, virtual reality, 3D processing software, 360 and 180 degree stereo panoramas, etc.

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Virtual 3D/VR Meetup
Needs a date and time

Your Smartphone Virtually

Let's meet virtually using the VTime VR social network site: https://vtime.net/ to view and discuss our 3D photos and anything else 3D/VR related that you would like to talk about. I just joined VTime.net and am getting more acquainted with the VTime service and site, so I'll be learning along with you. To attend the meetup, you will need an iOS or Android smart phone, installed with the VTime app. Your phone has to be capable of displaying VR content using a VR viewing headset Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Occulus VR, or Samsung Gear VR. You can download the VTime app from Apple iTunes or Google Play Store and install on your phone. I choose the Android app for Google Cardboard found at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.vtime.cardboard This matches the VR headsets I want to try first. There is a separate app for Android Google Daydream, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.vtime.daydream I also have Google Daydream for the Samsung S8 phone, so I may try the Daydream app later. After installing the App, I registered my account and chose an avatar, and started to explore. Certainly you will probably need a fast WiFi connection. I discovered I needed a wired microphone connection to talk in a group. I bought an inexpensive Stereo headset with microphone to plug into my headphone jack. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-on-ear-stereo-headset-black/5648073.p?skuId=5648073 It cost $20 and works well. When you have the app, VTime account setup, and VR viewer headset, then we (max of 4) can participate in a meetup together. To start we can share and discuss our 3D photos and talk about other 3D/VR topics if you wish. If you don't have 3D photos yet, that's OK. You can see mine. This link explains how to make 3D content you can share with everyone participating using the VTime app and web site. https://vtime.net/news/2016/how-to-make-side-by-side-stereo-images-to-share-in-vtime I was able to try out VTime and talk to several strangers showing a few of my 3D photos that I uploaded off-line to my VTime library when I logged into the VTime website. I don't know if there is a way to get photos from the phone directly while in a chat room. We just need a mutually suitable meeting time and date, so when you are ready, send me an email or comment below, so we can try this out with members of this meetup group. Depending on how long we chat, it might be a good to charge your phone ahead of time and turn off interrupting calls. I noticed the VR headset got warmer as it was being used, so we might want to limit the time online. Thanks, and looking forward to this new way to attend a meetup event!

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