What we're about

Are you:
- Passionate about stereoscopy?
- A stereoscopic 3D professional?
- Interested in 3D and want to find out more?
- Or, have you never experienced stereo vision?

Join the new 3D Club of NY and enjoy the magical world of stereoscopic 3D!

We are a group of passionate Stereographers organized to promote the art, practice, enjoyment and science of Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) imaging. We'll conduct scheduled open meetings (with 3D projections and programs), events, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, labs, discussions, forums and many other social activities.

We welcome 3D content creators, fans of cinema, gamers, software developers and manufacturers. Whether you enjoy View-Master® images or experiment with the latest S3D hardware & software, you're encouraged to join our growing organization.

Come exchange ideas. Collaborate on projects, demonstrate your products, promote your business and share your knowledge. Discover the stereoscopic past and help to shape it's future. All are welcome: from the curious to amateurs to advanced specialists.

Historically, broad acceptance of 3D has been limited by analog technologies. Presenting stereo images was problematic and the results caused eyestrain and headaches. But emerging digital capture and display technologies are revolutionizing stereoscopic content creation and delivery.

An exciting era of Stereoscopic 3D imaging has begun and S3D is a rapidly growing market. Stereoscopy is the most natural method of visualization and there is an ever increasing demand for S3D content and services.

S3D has practical uses in numerous professional fields including, architecture - real estate - art - entertainment - medical - science - education - training - marketing - gaming - publishing - product design - manufacturing - data visualization. It opens up new possibilities for creativity and exciting new business opportunities.

The goal of the 3D Club of NY is to cultivate and advance the art of Stereoscopy by providing a creative hub for the Greater New York Area and linking it to the global S3D community.

Your participation and input will drive the club forward. Come join us!

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