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(NOTE NAME CHANGE: Formerly Marin Monthly Three Principles Meeting)

Come join your Bay Area colleagues and friends for a monthly online gathering where we share our experience of the inside-out understanding , also known as the Three Principles. Our group's goals

• Provide a homey space (your home + Zoom) for a monthly gathering for people with an interest in the Three Principles to connect and learn.

• A place to make local connections, meet and connect with other Bay Area 3P teachers.

• I hope to have a guest speaker/facilitator at some meetings. (If you know someone with good grounding who would like to share what they've been seeing, please contact me)

What do Sydney Bank's Three Principles (also referred to as The Inside-Out understanding ) teach us ? Three things:

1. That 100% of our experience of life comes from inside us, not from the people, events, and circumstances outside of us.

2. That we are all born with innate happiness and well-being, purpose, wisdom, and resilience. These innate qualities are always available to us, and cannot be harmed by people, events, and circumstances outside of us.

3.. That realizing these facts transforms our experience of life, professionally and personally.

Our monthly meetings are intended for newcomers and veterans of this understanding to share their insights and experience of this understanding

• We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except for April 2020)

• Meetings are 90 minutes in length, and generally start at 6:00PM• We end promptly at 8:30PM.

Please join us if you’d like to meet other people whose lives have been changed by the 3 Principles, to learn more about this revolutionary paradigm, and to share your stories and insights.


GEORGE CARVER http://www.georgebcarver.com

After thirty years working as a writer, business executive, and financial advisor, George discovered his calling-- as a coach and teacher. Since becoming a coach in 2013 he has been serving people of from 18-80.

George has been mentored by George and Linda Pransky. He teachers also have included Jamie Smart's Clarity Coach Training (http://www.jamiesmart.com/), Dr Mark Howard (https://threeprinciplesinstitute.org/), Michael Neill, Chip Chipman, and Dicken Bettinger (http://3principlesmentoring.com/index.html). George also has both an MBA and MFA

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