What we're about

In life, we’re taught to be passionate about finding our purpose. But we’re not often told to take pleasure in what we do. It’s almost as if that 8-letter word has become unethical in nature…UNTIL NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Three P’s Society.

Who are we?
We’re a culture of people who take great pleasure in living the most passion-filled and purposeful life possible! We believe that pleasure is not accompanied with stress, and stress has no purpose in our lives.

What is our objective?
We take pride in discovering true passion for our purpose and embrace the pleasure that rightfully comes with walking in that purpose!

What are the Three P’s and what do they stand for?
Passion. Purpose. Pleasure

Those are the 3 elements that this society incorporates and lives by. Everything you do in life should embody those 3 characteristics. And here is how we ensure that they surround your life:

• Passion – Why do you do what you do? If you’ve ever asked that question, then you’ll love the passion portion of this organization. Being passionate about who you are and what you do is reenergized and reinforced by attending affairs that help steer and direct your passion. Members of the Three P Society are equipped and strengthened by events and workshops, which includes (but not limited to): Music, Theatre & Film, Marketing & Media, Health & Wellness, Individual & Business Finances, Investment Club, Business Elevation & Growth, power surged networking brunches, and more! It’s all about reigniting you!

• Purpose – Partnering to make a difference. Supporting events derived from your purpose and make sure you’re firmly founded in such. Bringing awareness, in numbers, to the masses.

• Pleasure – Unwind with pleasure time! The aspect of pleasure comes into play upon joining! All members gain immediate access to a plethora of exciting events, including (but not limited to): Worldwide travel, Yachts-Boating & Water Sports, Top Coolest Theaters in the World, Escapes, Tours, Award Shows and so much more! (Member Suggestions Welcomed) You get the chance to build camaraderie with other respected individuals that allow you to network, share your destiny desires, and so much more. It’s truly about having fun while doing what you love. The experience is hard to define but will be well worth your time!

Who can join?
Anyone who is ready to experience a life full of pleasure, while fulfilling his or her purpose and passionate about living their best life is welcome! If by chance you have a desire to do this, but aren’t quite there, that’s all the more reason to lock arms with Three P.

Why should you join?
Collaboration and proper connections make ALL the difference in what we do! If you’re ready to excel in life and truly flourish, as you deserve, being a part of this society can do that and more! If you’re going to be linked to anyone or anything, it might as well be sources of strength and growth, not enervation and depletion. There is POWER in numbers?

There’s no need to second-guess who you are nor why you’re here. Sometimes we need that reminder and that extra push. With the Three P Society, you’ll experience things that will always make you sure of your passion and your purpose, all while providing the most exhilarating pleasures!

You deserve to live life in the Three P zone!

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