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About the 3R-Tours: 
Experiential learning is sponsored by the San Diego Council Of Divers.
What is Rocks, Rips, & Reefs (a.k.a. 3Rs-Tours)? The 3Rs is an education and safety program for Divers and experienced Snorkelers and Swimmers. Participants learn about various dive sites to get a better understanding of the underwater features and how tides and conditions may affect them which is beneficial to both the new Diver and experienced veterans.

The program includes EIGHT (8/Summer) in-water tours, each site led by experienced instructors so participants can experience first-hand how to safely enter and exit sites, how to recognize hazards, and how to enter and handle themselves in emergency situations. The events are a lot of fun, adventurous, and a great opportunity to learn about various dive sites. Most importantly, the experience will help you be a better and safer diver no matter where you go.

2022 3R’s Schedule: 
Saturdays 8:00am - 12 noon
1. May 21st –  Boomer/LJ Cove
2. June 11th – Marine Street
3. June 25th – Shell Beach
4. July 9th – LJ Sea Caves/ Goldfish Point
5. July 23rd – North Bird
6. August 6th – Hospital Point
7. August 20th – Children’s Pool 
8. August 27th – Sunset Cliffs


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3Rs-Tour 2022: Goldfish Point, La Jolla Caves

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Goldfish Point (La Jolla Caves)
Saturday July 9th, 2022 @ 8:00 am
Meet at 1325 Coast Blvd. La Jolla 92037
(meet in the cave store parking area)

Session Host: Dive Animals Scuba Club

Bring wet-suit, fins, and mask.
Suggested donation $20.
Full Details: http://www.sddivers.com/3rs.html


  1. In the dark
  2. Underwater
  3. Freezing Cold
  4. Surrounded by Sharp Objects
  5. The Waves Surge

This once-in-a-lifetime event is unique to San Diego's La Jolla Coast. You can't miss it.


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3Rs-Tour 2022: Shell Beach

Needs a location

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