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About the 3Rs: 
Experiential learning sponsored by the San Diego Council Of Divers.
What are the Rocks, Rips, & Reefs (a.k.a. 3Rs)?
The 3Rs is an education and safety program for S.C.U.B.A. divers and experienced snorkelers and swimmers, surfers, and other water people. Participants explore various dive sites along the San Diego coast, in order to get a better understanding of the underwater features and how they are affected by tides and surf conditions.

Based in La Jolla, CA, the 3Rs program includes EIGHT in-water events per summer: each site is led by experienced instructors, so participants can safely experience first-hand how to enter and exit these particular areas. The swimmers learn how to recognize local hazards, and how to handle themselves in emergency situations. The events are adventurous and a fun opportunity to learn about various dive sites. Most importantly, the experience will help you be a better and safer diver, no matter where you go.
2024 Rocks, Rips & Reefs Schedule
(Saturday, May 18st - Safety Swimmer Refresher training - La Jolla Cove - 8am-Noon)
#1. June 1st,  Children’s Pool/ South Casa Beach 
(800 Coast blvd. La Jolla 92037)
#2. June 15th,  La Jolla Cove/ Boomer Beach, 
(1150 Coast Blvd. La Jolla 92037)
#3. June 29th,  Marine Street, 
(300 Marine Street, La Jolla 92037)
#4. July 13th,  Goldfish Point-La Jolla Caves, 
(1325 Coast blvd. La Jolla 92037, Cave Store parking area)
#5. July 27th,  North Bird Rock 
(6000 Camino de la Costa. La Jolla 92037)
#6. August 10th,  Hospital Point, 
(400 Coast blvd. La Jolla 92037) 
#7. August 24th,  Shell Beach, 
(1000 Coast blvd. La Jolla 92037)
#8. September 7th,  Sunset Cliffs 
(1250 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. San Diego 92107, between Adair and Osprey St.)

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