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What we’re about

We are helping Front End Developers to extend their knowledge with the latest 3D web standards: WebGL, WebXR, ThreeJS. For people with HTML/CSS/JS background it can be hard to transition to a totally different visual paradigm: interactive 3D graphics.

Some of our members went through this transition, and never looked back since :P
We are here to share our knowledge and build a supporting community of front end developers, who can share their experiences and knowledge with each other.

Weekly we meet to socialise, chat about the latest 3D websites, and give some practical tips how to start and advance with WebGL and ThreeJS. Once we have enough dedicated members, who willing to learn more, we will start dedicated training courses parallel, to teach you all the basics you need to use WebGL for commercial sites and creative experiments.

Feel free to contact us about any further questions...

XR Club Team
Andor / Arthur / Zete