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We're pleased to announce the speakers are booked for the next meetup on June 5th. Please remember to RSVP on the Meetup page.

The June gathering will be hosted by 3ds London co-organiser, Joshua Newman.

See below for details;

Headline Presentations:

Paul Roberts - Itoo Software
Paul will be unveiling the latest software release of RailClone 4.

RailClone 4 New Features: Come along and be one of the first to learn about RailClone 4, the upcoming version of iToo Software’s already-powerful parametric modelling plugin for 3ds Max. Learn how the new features can save you time and allow you to model in Max like never before!

Mike Merron - Analog Studio
Analog is one of the UK’s leading independent creative visual effects and real-time studios. They will be showcasing their portfolio of work and discussing the studio.

Javier Coronilla - Puppeteer Technology
The software allows the connection between the real world and a 3D software, to allow the interaction of physical/digital rigs in an easy way, using standard tools and resources commonly available in the VFX industry.

First-Time Presenters (Sponsored)
Do you wish to share your work by becoming a First-time presenter?
Please contact us via the meetup page to book or bring your work on the night.
The presentation must be short and not exceed5 minutes.

Our sponsors SiNi Software will reward you with a free license of All Access, a collection of 14+ 3ds Max plugins. https://www.sinisoftware.net/

3ds London/D2 Conference Prize Draw
Win a ticket to the 2019 D2 Conferences, the international conference for architectural visualisation held on 23rd and 24th August. To enter, simply RSVP on the Meetup page! The name will be announced at 3ds London on June 5th. https://vienna.d2conferences.com/

Hire or be hired
If you have jobs on offer that you would like us to publish, please post these to the meetup group discussions and we’ll be sure to share. Also please note that CGPress now offers free job postings, https://cgpress.org/jobs

Industry News
If you have any news you wish us to discuss at the start of the evening, please get in touch before the meetup.

AMD, https://www.amd.com/en
SiNi Software, https://www.sinisoftware.net/
CGPress, https://cgpress.org/
Bluegfx, https://www.bluegfx.com/
Yellowdog, https://yellowdog.co/
Render Recruitment, https://www.render.london/

Who should attend; Everyone interested in 3D architectural visualisation, 3D design, immersive VR, advertising CGI, animation and visual effects.

If you would like to present at 3ds London please get in touch to discuss opportunities.