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This group is open to all modalities and welcome all school of metaphysical or esoteric thoughts. This means it opens to all paranormal discussions: tarot, psychometry, astral travels, remote viewing, UFO (all aliens are welcome too), ghosts, spirit guides, angels, higher self, theta healing, reiki, any kind of energy healing, parallel/past life regression, akashic records, hypnosis, starseed connection, shape shifting (this is interesting if you are one, love to hear from you), herbalists, indigos, crystal children, walk-in (there is no proof that it's true or false but for now open to let it be), lightworkers, from another planet, strange or difference is okay too as long as you behave in the group. I am pretty sure there is more, but for now that's all I can think of unless someone suggests it more to me.
You are all welcome to share your gifts or let me know if you want to host an event.

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