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Every month, we will post links to three unrelated web pages, usually news stories, to discuss at dinner. People are to read these articles (and other sources if they so wish) and come and have dinner to discuss them. The intent is that this REQUIRED reading will take about 2 hours. The events will generally be on Sunday or Saturday evening to give people time during the weekend to do the reading.

The idea is to be like a book club, but with far more modest demands on peoples' time.

RSVP's will be limited.

There will also be a focus on having a nice meal from a variety of international cuisines, the restaurants will have a different nationality every time. We will only go to restaurants that agree in advance to do separate checks. Specific information about the price of a restaurant (if not a link to an online menu) will be provided.

A *DEPOSIT* will be required to RSVP which will be *REFUNDED* *IN* *CASH* when you show up at the meetup on time. However, this feature of meetup has been broken in recent months, so people may get in free -- so be it.


This meetup does not allow anonymous members. All new members must have a picture, less than 10 years old, clearly showing their face, posted, and must post a human first name. There are two main reasons for this:

• Part of the experience that I am trying to create is that people will get to know each other, and when deciding whether to attend, will be able to look at who has RSVP'ed and recognize their friends. People who don't list the names they are referred to while present, and who don't have recognizable pictures of themselves up, are very hard to keep track of.

• Anonymous people are sometimes very badly behaved. For example, they will lie in the discussion on the event pages or on the discussion board, and it can take a lot of work and research to expose them as liars, at which point they just trade in their old anonymous identity for a new one. Also, anonymous people tend to be much more rude than others. For those reasons, I would prefer that everybody in attendance have a reputation at stake.


Sometimes there will be pre-event discussion, as comments on the event page, or on the discussion board, about the topics. Rude comments will be deleted at the organizer's discretion, as will comments by people who won't be attending, especially if they are running down the topics.

Upcoming events (1)

Outdoors: Snopes Bias, BLM's Legacy, Love Your Enemies -- Vaccinated Only

Gigino At Wagner Park


We'll be meeting at Gigino at Wagner Park, on the shore north of Battery Park with a view of the Stature of Liberty.

We'll be checking vaccine cards. Please don't come if you are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated -- neither I nor the others want to be around you. While we'll be outside, we'll be eating in close proximity without masks on for a couple of hours.

There is a $5 *DEPOSIT* to RSVP which will be *REFUNDED* *IN* *CASH* ten minutes after the event starts. No-shows and latecomers forfeit their deposit.


A lot of conservatives believe that fact checkers have a liberal bias. I think this is partly because any honest fact checker will report that Trump is constantly lying, but I see evidence of that bias sometimes.


The political right really needs fact checkers they can rely on, and it's a shame that Snopes is falling prey to bias so easily.


The US homicide rate went up at least 30% in 2020 and it's stayed at that level since. Some try to blame it on the pandemic, but that doesn't fly because in other countries, rich and poor, the homicide rate either stayed steady or declined in the pandemic. A lot of the liberal media tries to blame it on an increase in gun sales, but the increase was nowhere near enough to put another 30% of guns on the streets. A lot of the surge in gun sales was probably driven by people fearing that police forces defunded and demoralized by BLM were less likely to be able to protect them.


There are a lot of problems with the law enforcement system, particularly with regard to the treatment of blacks, such as high incarceration rates in the black community, and innocent black men being treated with excessive suspicion by cops, but the BLM debate in 2020 was dominated by a mindless social media pile-on / hate-fest against *ALL* cops, and the left would not discuss the vitally relevant fact that crime rates vary, and a lot, by demographic, so little that was constructive came of the whole drama.


Arthur Brooks argues that we, as a nation, are suffering from an epidemic of contempt across the political divide, and he has ideas about what to do about it.


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