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Cambodian Food: Value of Tradition, Need for Healthy Conservatism, ContraPoints
This month we'll be going to Angkor Cambodian Bistro, a fine restaurant on the UES. A fried rice entree starts at around $16, and there are ample vegetarian options. The cuisine is mostly like Thai. A menu is here ( A $5 DEPOSIT is required to RSVP. Deposits will be refunded in cash at the event at 6:10pm. Latecomers, no-shows, and those who cancel their RSVP less than 24 hours in advance forfeit their deposit. Waitlist Policy: Meetup quit supporting wait lists for events that charge money. So what we do in 3 Topics is that if the event is full and you want a spot, post a comment to the event that you would like to come. That effectively puts you on the waitlist. If there are cancellations, the organizer will send emails informing everyone on the waitlist of the opening, and the first person to pay their $5 and RSVP will get the slot. -------------------------------------------------------------- Tradition is Smarter than You Are In 1845, two British naval ships, the "Terror" and the "Erebus" set out to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific by the Northwest Passage through the Arctic. The ship's hulls were strong enough to survive being frozen in for the winter, and they had 3 years of canned food and lemon juice to prevent scurvy. They got frozen in for 2 bad winters in a row. The canned food turned out to be contaminated with lead, causing paranoia, and the lemon juice lost its potency, causing scurvy. At one point some of the sailors encountered some Eskimos on dog sleds, who shared some seal meat with them, but abandoned them as the Eskimos had families of their own to provide for. All the Englishmen perished, some cannibalizing each other along the way. At least several of the officers were probably well-educated. So it's interesting that these several dozen Englishmen, with all the knowledge of Western Civilization at their disposal, all the equipment on 2 ships, and many months of time on their hands, couldn't figure out what these probably illiterate Eskimos knew how to do by tradition -- survive by fishing and hunting in the Arctic. It had taken the Eskimos thousands of years of trial and error to learn their way of life. Reality turned out to be the direct opposite of "Robinson Crusoe". Are we Westerners perhaps a bit foolhardy, abandoning our traditions, which were built on centuries if not millennia of experience, left and right whenever their purpose doesn't strike us as self-evident? -------------------------------------------------------------- Have the Republicans Betrayed Conservatism? Have the Democrats Also Lost Their Way? -------------------------------------------------------------- ContraPoints on Free Speech ContraPoints is a YouTube intellectual, a transgender with a master's degree in philosophy. She is very far left. I rarely agree with her about anything, but her arguments are intelligent and thought-provoking. Here we have a video she made on the subject of free speech

Angkor Cambodian Bistro

408 E 64th Street · New York, NY

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    Every month, we will post links to three unrelated web pages, usually news stories, to discuss at dinner. People are to read these articles (and other sources if they so wish) and come and have dinner to discuss them. The intent is that this REQUIRED reading will take about 2 hours. The events will generally be on Sunday or Saturday evening to give people time during the weekend to do the reading.

    The idea is to be like a book club, but with far more modest demands on peoples' time.

    RSVP's will be limited.

    There will also be a focus on having a nice meal from a variety of international cuisines, the restaurants will have a different nationality every time. We will only go to restaurants that agree in advance to do separate checks. Specific information about the price of a restaurant (if not a link to an online menu) will be provided.

    A *DEPOSIT* will be required to RSVP which will be *REFUNDED* *IN* *CASH* when you show up at the meetup on time.


    This meetup does not allow anonymous members. All new members must have a picture, less than 10 years old, clearly showing their face, posted, and must post a human first name. There are two main reasons for this:

    • Part of the experience that I am trying to create is that people will get to know each other, and when deciding whether to attend, will be able to look at who has RSVP'ed and recognize their friends. People who don't list the names they are referred to while present, and who don't have recognizable pictures of themselves up, are very hard to keep track of.

    • Anonymous people are sometimes very badly behaved. For example, they will lie in the discussion on the event pages or on the discussion board, and it can take a lot of work and research to expose them as liars, at which point they just trade in their old anonymous identity for a new one. Also, anonymous people tend to be much more rude than others. For those reasons, I would prefer that everybody in attendance have a reputation at stake.


    Sometimes there will be pre-event discussion, as comments on the event page, or on the discussion board, about the topics. Rude comments will be deleted at the organizer's discretion, as will comments by people who won't be attending, especially if they are running down the topics.

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