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If you are interested in learning Vedic Meditation, then this course is for you! This Vedic Meditation course runs for four consecutive days, approximately 60-90 minutes per day. It is presented in this way with the aim in allowing you to become a self-sufficient meditator. That means you can take your practice anywhere without needing apps, recordings, or a drop-in studio to meditate. All four sessions are mandatory as each day's curriculum builds on the previous day. Day 1 is taught one-on-one and the following three sessions are taught in small groups (max of 10 participants).

During the course, I will teach you the mechanics of the technique so you can practice on your own, what happens in the mind and body during meditation to release stress and, how to fit meditation into your busy schedule.

Your technique is checked and refined each day, and we ensure that you fully understand your experiences and how to effortless practice the method. Upon completion of the course, you'll have enough practical experience and theoretical understanding to be a self-sufficient meditator.
After you graduate, you'll be ready to continue a successful daily practice and enjoy unlimited lifetime follow-up and group meditations around the world.

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