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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur or Soon To Be Entrepreneur!

Are you sick of working a 9-5 job and looking for ideas or inspiration to achieve something great?

Are you interested in all things entrepreneurial and business?

Would you like to align yourself with people who can help and empower you to attain your financial goals?

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the above, we invite you to join our exclusive group!

If you....

- Want to grow your business or get your startup idea off the ground.

- Want to gain exposure and been "seen".

- Want to expand your professional network

....then continue reading.

We are a group designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and working professionals who have been stuck in the rat race for far too long and finding support, inspiration and building our professional network with like-minded people. It can be challenging doing things alone so we have formed a community of other serious and motivated people for you to broaden your professional network, share ideas and support each other.

If you are serious in meeting other like-minded people and genuine in building a community, then this group is perfect for you.

You will....

- Meet successful business owners, investors and entrepreneurs who have a world of knowledge and experience.

- Have the opportunity to learn and be supported by people who have escaped the "Rat Race".

- Gain inspiration and motivation to keep you moving towards reaching your Point B.

We host events ranging from casual coffee to formal networking events where you will meet plenty of people involved in all things related to education and personal growth.

Click to Join Us and belong in our close-knit community.

- Looking forward meeting you at the finish line of the "Rat Race" - Welcome :)'

Important: Please note that this group is not associated to Tim Ferris by any means or to "The 4-Hour Work Week book". We only support and admire his principles.

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