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What we’re about

We are an active and engaging outdoor group based in New England. If you love to hike and enjoy outdoor activities you’ll find we have a diverse schedule of events. Group leaders plan many hiking events plus lots of outdoor events such as kayaking, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, backpacking, weekend adventure trips and travel excursions. Have fun with friendly people while experiencing what the outdoors can do for health, entertainment, and self-confidence.

To join you must upload a clearly identifiable picture of yourself to your profile. Organizers and members must be able to recognize you for safety reasons. Please also include your first name or nickname in your profile. Pets are not allowed on our events so please do not provide pictures of your pets as a substitute for a picture of you.

This is a drama free outdoor group. That means we are interested in having fun together in an inclusive environment. You won't be disappointed. The leaders are nice people! You'll appreciate the friendliness and camaraderie of members.

As a condition of attending any activity you agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify the organizer(s) and all members of the group from any and all claims for property damage, injury, illness, and/or death, including those caused by negligence and/or other reasons, including infectious disease. You also agree to assume all risk associated with any activity and agree to know and follow the Hiker Responsibility Code described at: (

There is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other diseases in any public place where other people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and even death. By voluntarily participating in an event you knowingly agree to assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 or other communicable disease. Your safety and health is your responsibility.