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Saturday bike ride with the Proteus Bicycles group
If it’s hot outside we’ll be inside the shop. Otherwise, we’ll meet outside Proteus Bicycles near their side bike rack. They usually ride around 12 miles round trip with an option to extend. We usually stop on the way at a bakery/coffee shop in Hyattsville to eat and relax. See their details on their Facebook page. Bring helmet, lockable chain, water.

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Proteus Bicycles

9217 Baltimore Blvd · College Park, MD

What we're about

This group is primarily for people who are: 1) Keen on being physically active, 2) aged 45+, and 3) Live around Beltsville (preferably within a ~20 mile radius of Beltsville Library; we want to reduce our carbon footprint) If you are new in town, or been here all your life and having a hard time making new friends even though you go to plenty of meetup events, then read on. We are married, but singles are welcome to join.

PLEASE join us if you are keen on being physically active & interested in meeting other people on a regular basis so that we can develop meaningful friendships. We also will post events for the activist-type (environmental, human rights, etc.) so we are "living with a purpose".

If you have kids: We don't mind if you want to bring them along. Just let me know. My 16 y.o. may join us sometimes.

If you have a dog: We don't mind as long as it is leashed and doesn't bark at, chase, jump up on people and you clean up after it. Some parks may not allow pets.

PLEASE don't join if: 1) You know you won't be able to RSVP because you are not really an "outdoor" person and would rather sit and eat or watch a movie with friends, or 2) If you don't like opening up and sharing your personal interests with others, 3) If you like to curse when you talk or 4) You tend to drink too much and don't know when to stop.

I plan on creating most events that are no more than 15 miles from the Beltsville Library so people don't need to travel too far. However, we do go out to Sugarloaf Mtn and a few other places once a month.

Main Interests:

Short and long day trips that require at least walking (or wheeling) around and the ability to socialize with friends. We usually do some kind of physical activity such as walking, hiking, biking, trail running, jogging, swimming, tennis, dancing, kayaking, yoga class, music, and museum events on the weekends and walking/jogging on weeknights.

Just to give you an idea about who we are without giving too much detail on the internet...

My hubby and I went to college in the DC area and because we haven't met many people in this area that enjoy going out on day trips as much as we do, or they aren't as physically active as we are, I decided to start this group.

We like reading about and discussing the latest science news. We watch British/Aussie murder mysteries and comedies like addicts. We both came to the US in our teens. I have an accounting and teaching background. I like playing board games on rainy days but can't find anyone to play with :( I take time to be an activist for climate change prevention, human rights, and other causes.

My hubby is an IT guy. He likes talking about history and politics. He also likes long-distance bike riding, cars, and motorbikes. He wants to take a motorbike ride across a continent with me on the back (yikes!) and also frequently thinks about converting a van into a camper so he can travel across the USA.

All people are welcome regardless of sex, gender identity, religion, ethnicity etc.

Please offer to carpool whenever you can so we reduce our carbon footprint.

Right now I have it set up so any member can create an event, so feel free if you have any ideas.

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I'm doing this out of my own pocket for the first month as a trial to see how it goes. After that, I will be asking a minimal fee to cover the monthly Meetup charge.

Event ideas:

New Year's Day Yoga Walk.

New Deal Cafe (dinner & music) Greenbelt, MD

Tour of Historic Greenbelt

Adventure Park at Sandy Spring or Terrapin Adventures at Savage Mill

Biking: Bladensburg Park to The Wharf in DC

Biking: Mt. Vernon Trail Alexandria to the Visitor Center

Biking: Beltsville to Laurel

Biking: Paint Branch Stream from Beltsville to Airport Museum in CP

Dance lesson & practice: East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Charleston, Cha Cha, Tango, Salsa, Waltz, Contra/Line, ???

Hike and eat around Laurel Lakes and Laurel Town Center Shops

Arundel Mills Mall and Live! Casino music events

Hike at Lake Artemesia, Greenbelt Park, Centennial Park, Beltsville Park, Fairland Park, & Patapsco Park

Hike the Billy Goat Trails on C & O Canal

Hike at Great Falls Park

Hike at Sugarloaf Mtn

Watertubing & Walking at Harpers Ferry

Attend the Bethesda Arts & Crafts Festival

Hike at Historic Ellicott City Trolley Line #9 and Main Street

Hike at Savage Mill Center

Kayak/Canoe with optional tour guide at Bladensburg Waterfront Park $20 April-October

Kayak Tour at Mallows Bay (graveyard of WW11 ships)

Boat Tour at Bladensburg Waterfront Park

Rainy days: Smithsonian Museum Tours

Walk through Light Festival at Brookside Gardens (Winter only)

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