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Entrepreneurship is our passion and sharing our process is important for growth. This group is for individuals 40 and under that are business owners or have the mindset of one. We started the group to be around like minded people as we feel your net-worth is equivalent to your net-work.

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The Law of Compounding Interest - Multiplying Your Time, Production, and Money

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This networking group was started by Edwin Moreno (Owner of Winmore Insurance Solutions) and Tim Wojnar (Owner of Home Inspection Geeks). Edwin and Tim first met at another business networking group and realized that while they were in different industries they had similar growth mindsets and a passion for not just growing their businesses, but themselves as well rounded individuals. They also noticed that being around like-minded people energized them and would help push themselves and their businesses to a higher level. Do you feel like you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Have you had trouble finding people with a similar mindset? Do you feel more energized when you do connect with those similar to yourself? If so, this meetup is for you. Motivational Speaker Jim Rohn always said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” and that is what this group is all about. If you are looking to expand your inner circle with high quality, like-minded individuals, please join us for this 2-hour meetup. MEETING AGENDA Please note that simple alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) and snacks will be provided. A suggested $10 donation will be accepted at the door. From 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm, there will be open networking. This will give attendees a chance to interact with one another and become better acquainted with others in the group. Please note that this is not a place to solicit business. It is expected that some business maybe exchanged between attendees, but it should occur naturally. If you do solicit business you may be asked to leave and will not be allowed to attend future events. From 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm will be the more structured part of the meeting. This portion of the meeting will be broken out into 4 sections. 1) Intro by Edwin and Tim - To welcome everyone and explain the group's rules and purpose. 2) Icebreaker - To help get attendees more acquainted with each other. 3) Topic of the Month Presentation - Each week a new topic related to either business or personal growth will be presented to the group. The presentation will be given by 2 individuals who will talk about a topic and how it has affected them personally and/or professionally. Time of presentation will be between 10-15 minutes, the topic for this meet up is displayed below. 4) Group discussion on meetup topic - After the presentation, discussion of the topic will be opened up to the attendees to briefly share their experience with the topic if they so desire. Topic for this Month's Meetup - The Law of Compounding Interest - Investing in yourself, business, or finances to collect dividends in the future. This Month's Presenters - Edwin and Tim Note that the structured part of the meeting could end 15 to 30 minutes early based on the number of attendees. Some additional opportunity for networking will be available if this happens.

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Pareto's Principle - The 80/20 Rule

Winmore Insurance Solutions LLC.

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