Clojure: Modern, Functional, Lisp


(402) Developers is BACK and we hope you all enjoyed your holiday season - Please join us the last Tuesday of January to hear from Joe Smith, a Software Engineer at Cognitect!

Clojure is a functional Lisp dialect with persistent immutable data-structures, advanced concurrency primitives, and a powerful predicative specification system. It is a hosted language running on the world's three most widely deployed platforms, the JVM, CLR, and JS runtimes, with wrapper-less interop, giving you access to more libraries than any other language. In this talk, you’ll learn about what that all means and what makes Clojure different.

About our presenter:
Joe is a Software Engineer who appreciates the fundamentals of computer science. His experience includes several languages, paradigms, & mobile development (Building iOS apps) and he thoroughly enjoys teaching, pair programming, and learning new concepts and technologies.

The Barnyard - Basement of FUSE
5:30pm Pizza & Beer
6:00pm Presentation
6:30pm Q&A & Networking
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