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Don't you enjoy those conversations where you get cozy with a friend, let your guard down and talk about stuff that usually stays inside? Your friend cares, listens, maybe reflects on what you've said, maybe shares something from his own experience.

Wouldn't it be nice to have 6 or 8 guys that you know, like and trust, all getting together for an hour or two, sharing that kind of conversation?

That's the idea behind this group. I started this group on Meetup about a year ago, at the time making it men 50 and older [I called it 'hippie grandpas']. A successful group of eight came out of it, but life is always changing, and the group has become smaller, with 3-4 at most meeting recently. It's a nice core group of interesting guys, but we want to bring in a few new members. We feel that 6-8 is the optimal number of guys for this kind of meeting, so we'd like to find 'a few good men' to join us.

Our current members' ages range from 50 to 67. I think someone in his 40s would fit in fine, but a younger guy might have difficulty. We meet in a coffeehouse in SE on alternate Thursdays.

The ultimate goal for this group is for each member to feel committed to attending meetings. Things come up, but what makes a group like this work is for members to show up regularly, like 80-90% of the time.

If something like this seems interesting, and might fit into your life, why not try a meeting? Everybody in the group is easy to get along with and non-judgmental. I guarantee you'll feel welcomed and I hope you'll find a safe and comfortable place to hear guys talk about their lives, struggles, fiascos, triumphs, confusion, and insights. Come add your part of the story.

Since this group is focused on personal sharing, my practice is to meet new members before their first meeting, usually for a brief meeting, to make sure we have the same expectations for the kind of sharing that goes on at meetings. It's a big world filled with all kinds of people. I find a brief personal meeting helps everybody feel more comfortable when a new person attends their first meeting. If you're interested, message me and we'll set something up.

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