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ThanksGiving Getaway!!!! Ensenada Weekend Cruise: Thurs Nov 22 to Sun Nov 25
ENSENADA THANKSGIVING CRUISE: Nov 22 to 25 This is the perfect ThanksGiving Solution!!! Whether you want to take the family and get-away or you want to get away from the family. Or if you don't have family for the holidays, . . .this will be the way to solve it all. First of all, . . . There is a special price. Let's get to that first. The base cabin reserved is $508 Per Person TOTAL (all in) including taxes and port charges. That gets you an interior cabin, double occupancy . There are upgrades to ocean view cabins or single occupancy but that's all incremental increases depending upon your needs. Get a friend to come with or we will do roommate matching. A little more about price. Normally this will be $380 all in. It is more, because it is a Holiday Weekend. This ALSO means you have the Thurs and Friday off already!!! CRUISE ITINERARY Thurs: Depart 05:30 pm Fri: Fun Day At Sea Sat: Ensenada 08:00 am to 06:00 pm Sun: Arrive at 07:00 am Let's look at the "Day at Sea" part first: The boat (ship) has all the things that make a cruise ship fun: 9-hole mini golf course, WaterWorks (waterslide park), a tropical resort-style pool - and when you need some pampering and quiet time - a Serenity Retreat area. It also has casino, comedy shows, stage shows, bars, nightclubs, dancing, live music, spa type services, and more. And, as always...the delicious dining, entertainment, friendly service BUT, . . . as a Meetup we get special treatment. We will get reserved seating together for the formal dining room. We will be doing our own activities on the boat too such as a scavenger hunt. But best of all a great group of like-minded people from our Meetup, ready for play and fun! On the 2nd night we get a Cocktail Mixer with an OPEN BAR (unlimited drinks). We will have a formal dinner and dress in our fineries. Now let's get to the Ensenada portion: And this is what will make our Meetup and this cruise different from others. For only $30 per person we will have our own vans and drivers exclusive and private for us for our shore excursion. On shore we will have Zip Line Canopy Tour $22 ATV $30 Horseback Riding $30 They are broken up so you can pick and choose and only pay for what you do. To see more about Las Canadas Resort Since we are organizing it, NONE of this is at tourist prices, and no tour operator markups either. But wait!!! How about a wine tasting an visiting the renown Wineries and having a Winery tour and tasting? An olive oil tasting too? Sure!! Since we have our own drivers we will do that too! for example. And will stop in town and do shopping on the way back too. So it's all around a great meetup. This is NOT like the other meetup cruises you see. Care to join? RSVP and I will get you all the other info you may need Quick FAQ: Do I need to pay for this now? A deposit of $100 will be needed to guarantee the price and hold your space. Your Deposit is fully refundable until 9/20/2018, when the final payment is due and it becomes nonrefundable. Kids OK? Sure. There is enough activities on board for them to be occupied and you can still be with the adults. Is this for Singles? Or Couples? This is for whatever. It's about people, not your relationship status, or even your sexual preference, age or your whatever. All are welcome on this. We will be a good size bunch so you will find folks you would hang with. Do I need to know Spanish for the Mexico part? No. I am fluent, as are plenty of others. And they speak English pretty well there too. Do I need a passport? Yes, you will need a valid passport or copies of any travel document or permits (green card etc). A driver's license will not get you on the boat. If you don't have a passport . . . start that now. Did I read that right, . . . we are going to somewhere not the regular tourist route? Yes. You will get to do our own thing and have more fun and see more.

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40's-60's are our most active and productive years! And's not so much fun being single! Especially when it comes to travel...

There are so many places we want to visit, so many cultures we would like to explore and different cuisines to taste! And what better way to do it, but with friends, close to our age and equally curious and adventurous!

This is a group for middle-aged single travel enthusiasts, who are young at heart and want to enjoy the best years of their lives with like-minded individuals. We plan some long-distance trips but we also do a lot of local activities, where we can meet face-to-face: dining out, scavenger hunts, wine tasting and local one-day trips.

Having these fun local activities, gives us the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and create new relationships, with a little help of a common interest - travel. Let's explore the word, near and far, together!

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